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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

15 Months Old!!


On Sunday September 25th Jude turned 15 months! That came up quick!

So a little update on Jude's most recent milestones.
 ~Wearing 18 Month clothes
~Learned how to run
 ~making "talking" noises
 ~can use a spoon on his own with certain foods
 ~can stand up on his own with out using the wall or couches or toys
 ~traveled to Barcelona!
 ~enjoyed the waves at the ocean
 ~blows kisses
 ~got a second hair cut already!!
~has 10 teeth!
~loves his fruit - any kind!


Jude is turning into one active little boy! He is always on the move and loves being outside walking around. His little (actually huge) personality is really shining through now.

He brings us laughs every day - talk about a character!


We love you Jude! Happy 15 months!! Keep growing big and strong!!

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  1. What a little doll. So cute and that smile is amazing! Love y'all!


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