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Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Post: Melissa from Never a Dull Moment

Had my first case of “bloggers block” today, and of course it’s for a guest post; isn’t that how it works? Then a commercial came on for TJ Maxx “my fashion blog is about what inspires me” says the actress… hmmm that got me thinking.

Someone asked me recently why I blog? My first {smart ass} answer…why not?


I’ve always looked at weight loss blogs but they get boring and negative. I’ve always been creative and loved to scrapbook and design so when I was introduced (through TheBump) to mommy bloggers/baby blogs; I was hooked! I was on semi-bed rest when preg with Lexie so I started reading {a lot} of blogs! I’d get excited and think what a great way to record everything. Then when Lexie was a few weeks old I decided to try blogging and well I’m hooked! I now follow quite a few different blogs (even different topics), I help design, I sponsor blogs, I blog hop, I guest blog; one could say I “do it all”!

Through feedback and speaking to other bloggers I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to share:
1- CAPTCHA is great but can get very annoying when readers try to comment.
2- Make your “follow me”/”join site” button easy to find, readers are not going to search.
3- Know your format, if your posting area is small; keep posts/pictures inside it so they don’t overlap onto other things.
4- To get followers; be a follower! If you don’t follow/comment on your readers blogs; don’t be surprised if they don’t do the same for you- it’s a give and take world.
5- If you don’t know – ask or Google! I designed my blog by Google-ing how to do certain things; and was then able to share this knowledge when others asked… like buttons; headers, etc.

What’s most important about blogging to me?
Keeping it real, to what I want; not trying to be someone I’m not; sounds simple right? I notice more and more on the boards and social media where people want approval for their blogs; and while I can understand wanting followers and fans {who doesn’t want more of those?}

I think it’s important to make sure that your blog is still your own; even if you are trying to create a brand it’s your brand it’s about what YOU want, after all YOU are the blogger!

Okay - make sure you join Melissa on her blogging journey!  She will keep you smiling with all of the beautiful photos of her cute little girl.  Thanks for guesting Melissa!


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