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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A post from a couple days ago...

I am home now but this is what I wrote a couple nights ago when the WIFI wasnt working!! 

Here we go, happy Saturday...

I will have to wait to post this until I decide to pay for wifi at the hotel.  Boo!!  But as I sit here in my hotel room in New Orleans all by myself I find myself ready to write! 
This is the first night (Wednesday) I have spent away from my little Turtle EVER!!  :o(  So sad.  This quick trip to NOLA wasn’t planned but 2 weeks ago.  Talk about crazy timing.  I just got back from Barcelona not even 1 week ago and here I am in another different time zone!  This trip isn’t for pleasure but for a huge database user conference. 
Although, since we (1 of my coworkers) are here we decided we are going to make the best of it. 
Tonight we found a yummy place for a late dinner – enjoyed some fine dining and live music at a place called Palace Café.  After dinner we decided to take a walk to Café Du Monde and enjoy a traditional beignet and a coffee chicory au lait, it is fun to take part in the history of this city while we are here, plus talk about great people watching!  Haha!  After our beignet’s we headed over to Bourbon Street – again, hello people watching!  Wow!  What a party.
But now after I am back in my room all by myself I find myself really missing my sweet turtle and amazing husband.  It isn’t often that we aren’t together especially over night.  I was very sad leaving Jude and Jeremy this morning.  That motherly heartstring is being pulled on like crazy right now! 
Jude is almost 15 months old and I haven’t had to be away from him any other time so this is hard.
Plans for tomorrow (Thursday) include sitting in a hotel conference room from 8am until 4pm!  Oh Joy!!  From 4pm until 7pm we plan on hitting the town, then at 7pm it is time for our fancy conference dinner.  Hoping it is fun and not too painful. 
I apologize to my lovely readers for the lack of blogging, I promise to get back on track!!  Busy time right now and I am having trouble keeping it together.
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Also, I would love to hear about your first night away from your little one!   


  1. Eyan was 8 weeks old and Jason and I were kinda forced to have a night away for our 2 yr anniversary. We stayed overnight at a nice hotel and road the pikes peak cog railway and couldn't stop talking about Eyan the entire time. Since then, we have had 2 other mini vacations from him and each time it is super hard to leave but so awesome to come home to!

  2. Our first time away from Ethan was for Nancy's wedding in Estes in 2009 (I think). He was 3 and got to hang with Grandma for a night. Now that he is older, I think we would like to a take a "child free" vacation. I think we will need to work on that soon!


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