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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swirl & Roll Truck™ Toy Review

Jude is a boys boy that is for sure! 

He loves seeing the trash truck drive by and watch monster trucks on the TV so when we were contacted by Bright Starts to review a toy I was thrilled when I saw the toy that was choosen for Jude! 


This is the Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Swirl & Roll Truck™!

Jude could not wait to play with this toy!  He kept playing with the bright colored buttons on top of the truck that talk about shapes and colors, and make fun truck sounds and phrases! 

So when I finally opened the box he was ready to play with his new truck!


This truck has all kinds of extras!  So worth the $19.99!  With each truck you get 4 balls that you drop into the truck’s stacker opening to see them spin around the tumbler while silly sounds play.  You also get a little character that sits in the front of the truck like a little driver.  Jude has been carrying around that little guy a lot. 


Jude started to get the hang of pushing the truck along and watching the balls pop out but he did wonder where those balls were sometimes!  lol  I do think this is one of his favorite toys right now, perfect toy for a BOYS Boy!  ;o) 

Another great feature of this product is that the sound isn't too loud or annoying!  I know, sounds like a weird "plus" for a review BUT when you have a child that can push the same button 20 times in a matter of minutes you would also be thankful for a quieter toy!  So thank you Bright Starts for that!

The best part about this toy is hearing him come up with his own "truck" sounds on top of the recorded sounds.  He is learning as he plays!  Mommy's favorite part of any toy! 

This is something that he will be able to play with for another couple of years.  A toy that will grow with him. 

We have a lot of Bright Starts toys but this one has been Jude's favorite so far.

If you are interested in this toy or any other Bright Starts Toys you can find them a Toys R Us!

Make sure you "like" Bright Starts on Facebook too - you don't want to miss out on new toys for your little ones! 


  1. Awww how cute! My little boy is 9 months and his name is Jude, too. Also a blondie!


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