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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A funny post – Link Up

Today – on this wonderful fall Saturday morning – I am linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles. For a Saturday Funny Post!

When I think of funny, I think of Jude. He makes us laugh all the time.

But I think the worst time for him to make us laugh is when he is being punished or told no. He just looks at us with those big blue eyes and lifts his arms and his shoulders go up – as if to say to us “what? What did I do wrong?”

Now when this happens, which I promise to get on video some day because it is so hard to explain, it is so hard to keep a straight face and continue to say no to him!

We are in trouble – he already knows at 1 year old that his cuteness can get him out of things. Um, yikes! Basically in the last year and a half I have been laughing more than I ever had before.

This kid makes my world perfect!

A funny picture to give you a laugh for your day.
This is how Jude wears his bibs now. Helpful right?

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  1. You must get this on video! Hysterical, it's like they know, they could be in trouble. He is so cute as well. That picture is funny! Txs for linking up!

  2. My baby hates his bib - it's so hard to get him to wear it these days. That look sounds hilarious!

  3. Bib hat is hilarious! I even love his shirt more!


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