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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A much needed date night!

Last weekend we had a date night. A child free 5 hours!! Lovely!! After the stress of health issues (more on that later) Jeremy and I really needed that time together.

First we headed to dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery and enjoyed a nice dinner together. After dinner we went painting. Yeah my new obsession!!

There is this place just north of us called Whimsey Paint and Sip. I have been there now 4 times, running out of room for my paintings!! But it is so much fun. They teach you a painting and you just go for it! I am not an artist, I never have been, but each time that I have left that place I feel confident and proud of my paintings!!

So here we are with our new paintings!!


I think we did great!

After painting we decided that we needed some more time to just sit and talk so we went to Village Inn for pie! Yum!

What a great night for us both.


Date nights are great, wish we could have them more often but with work, family and life we will just take the ones we can.

What are your favorite date nights?


  1. That date night sounds absolutely wonderful!Jealous! :) I've never heard of that kind of painting place, but it looks like fun and good QT. Glad you had a good date night!

  2. That place looks awesome, I'm sad that I never got to go there when we were living in CO!! Glad you guys had a fun night out :)

  3. I'm so jealous. That sounds like such a great date night!

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