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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Name

Some of you may already know this but to my new readers and followers I just want to clarify.

So this is my name:

I know what you are thinking – my name is sen-see or sen-say but it is isn’t.

My name is spelled C-E-N-S-I-E but is said like Kenzie. You know like MacKenzie? But without the Mac and without the K! ;o)

There now I feel like you really “know” me!

My name is Censie (Kenzie) nice to meet you!

My name has brought up a lot of things in my life time and I consistently surprised by the pronunciations I hear and the comments about my name. The best one was when I was in high school and I had a sub in my anatomy class. She called my name (sen-sey) and I responded it is actually Kenzie. Her reply – “wow was your mom on crack when she named you?” Yeah that really happened – anyone want to guess who walked out of that class without permission or a pass? THIS GIRL!

You are probably wondering why my parents chose Censie for my name. Here is the story. My mother’s name is Carol, her middle name starts with a J and our last name starts with an M. They loved the name Kenzie so the improvised because they really wanted my mom and I to have the same initials. So that is how they came up with my name Censie J. M… Now it does go further. My dad’s name is R. John M…. They named my brother R. Jarrin M…. So we had (until I got married) the matching initials of CJM and RJM.

Fun! But for the most part, after I explain the pronunciation I get complements. It is fun and hard having a different name.

Thanks for listening and learning my name.



  1. Glad to know it because I always said it sen-sey in my head! But now I'll say Kenzie! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you cleared that up for me. ;)

  3. I was totally pronouncing your name wrong in my head! I love unique names - your parents did a good job in picking it out. :)

  4. I was pronouncing it totally wrong. Ooops, sorry about that!

    We have 3 kids and I was against naming them after anyone. That is, until my Dad passed away. So we named our baby girl Charlotte and we call her Charlie. I have had a few weird faces made to us by older ladies. We have also had the question "why did you name her with a boys name?" That bothers me a lot! So now I feel the need to say..."this is Charlie, short for Charlotte. She is named after my late Dad."

  5. Thanks for sharing your story! We named our daughter a name that is considered "different" or "hard." My mom was trying to talk me out of it until the last minute. Now I feel better knowing that I haven't ruined my daughter for life!

  6. Love you name! Nice to "meet" you Censie!

    Thank you for entering my Canvas 4 Life giveaway! I am following you now. What a beautiful blog. :)

  7. LOVE the pronunciation! I always thought it was sen-see , so now I know!

  8. My first name is hyphenated and causes a lot of confusion. There is a name similarly spelled to my first name, but they aren't pronounced the same. It took a long time for me to appreciate the uniqueness of my name. It gets old having to correct people all the time and tell them the meaning behind my name.

    My husband and I had a baby last week. He has a short, easy to pronounce name, but it's really old fashioned. So far all of the comments have been positive.

  9. Oh my goodness! I've been saying it wrong forever. Interesting story.

  10. Oh yes I was totally pronouncing it wrong! I have that problem with my last name. It's Comes but pronounced "Combs" NOT "Cums" but everyone is afraid to ask! Haha

  11. LOL! I always wondered how to pronounce your name. Anyway it's a beautiful name and I like that yours is spelled uniquely and that there's an awesome story behind it! :)


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