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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caseworker of the Year 2011

Time to brag about my husband again!

 I recently told you that Jeremy was chosen as Caseworker of the Year, well the award ceremony was held on Saturday. It was a great evening. This gala was full of great social workers, police officers and detectives. We had a fun time getting all dressed up for the evening and enjoying a great dinner and event. 

 The best part, well besides Jeremy getting the award, was that Jeremy and I were joined by my parents and Jeremy's parents. Talk about some very proud parents and parents-in-law! 

 Time for some pictures!!

Jeremy with his award and him receiving the award!

Our salad - the bear cut out is the "Mascot" for stopping childhood sexual abuse. Very cute way of keeping with the theme.

Us - all dressed up! We had a great time.

Jeremy with his parents and his co-workers. Lots of smiles!

Over all it was a great evening.  It is a lot of fun to get dressed up and hit the town but it makes it even better when my amazing, caring and hard working husband walks away with a fantastic honor and award!  

We love you Jeremy!! 

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