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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jude's Wish List

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes! Which means lists are popping up everywhere for everyone!! 

 Well, I thought today I would share what is on Jude's Christmas Wish List this year. Okay - really it is MY list for him! Whatever... 

 Jude's BIG present from Mommy and Daddy this year will be a "Play Kitchen". We haven't really decided on a particular one just yet but I do know that I want a good one for him. Not some dinky one that isn't "life size" for him now.

Something like the one pictured above would be great! Along with the kitchen he has to get play dishes, pots and pans and food! So exciting. I think he will really enjoy this present - well at least I hope so! ;o)
Next on his list is a Turtle hand puppet.  So cute.  You all know that Jude's nickname is Turtle so we love getting Turtle items but this is something he doesn't have.  Puppets are great for teaching and playing so what more could we want?!!?  Love us some Turtles!!
Jude LOVES saying "Cho Choo" and also loves watching trains on TV and in person so we started looking at the Melissa and Doug (LOVE THEM!) website and found this great wooden train that will be perfect!  A train and building blocks!  I love these toys that encourage using imaginations - there are so many toys out there that just dance or sing but forget the learning and playing!  Simple!


Also from Melissa and Dough.  Wooden Puzzles!!  We have a couple of these already and Jude really likes to play with them and he is finally getting the hang of putting the pieces into the right spots.  

Well this probably won't end up in Jude's playroom but like I said - A WISH LIST!  I have been eyeing this toy since Jude was a baby and we were wandering around Babies R Us.  I saw this FAO Schwarz Noah's Ark Plush toy.  Okay, from the maker you can tell this isn't a cheap toy but maybe is Santa finds a coupon this will be Jude's on Christmas morning!  

I would say those are our big ticket items.  Other things that we have put on his list are bigger, winter PJ's, stickers (his new favorite thing) and BOOKS!  Lots of Books!  This kiddo loves to read.  I love that!  

So what is on your kiddo's list?  I would love some more ideas just in case!

Happy Friday!!


  1. They have a kitchen at the family dollar for $20.00 that looks pretty decent. The melissa and doug train is also at sams club of all places :)

    Like I told you the noah's ark is an AWESOME toy! Eyan loves that darn thing.

    Things on Eyan's list:
    -Remote controlled cars
    -power wheels ATV
    -Fisher price car

  2. We have that kitchen! We got it for Adeline when she was Jude's age. She loved it then and all 3 kids continue to play with it on a daily basis now. Worth every penny!!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with us for the blog hop! Now following back.

    That's a great list! My daughter is only asking for Princesses...

  4. Love, love, love your list!
    Love, love, love your blog!
    So happy I visited from Favorite Friday Blog Hop. :)
    Hope you'll get a chance to visit my parenting blog: www.viviankirkfield.wordpress.com
    and my book website: www.positiveparentalparticipation.com
    I'm passionate about reading picture books and doing activities (crafting and cooking) with little ones...that's what my book is all about. :)

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  6. Love your wish list. Great job mama!

  7. Aaaah that kitchen is amazing!! I want, I want, I..... I mean my daughter wants it :-) This year I've bought my girl a mini piano. Not sure if I'll be loving the noise but she's so musical and always dances and sings so must let that brain grow and give her something she'll enjoy. One rule: the piano stays in HER bedroom. Can't wait to get a mini kitchen when she's a bit older, as long as the pieces don't end up all over the floor *wishful thinking*
    Visiting from the weekend blog hop.


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