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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Perfect Gift: Toddlerhood

Recently I was asked this question:

What's a great present under $30 for a baby under 18 months old?

I started thinking about Jude's playroom, this room is full of books, blocks, cars, stuffed animals, and musical instruments.  Nothing really stood out as his favorite toy until I asked Jeremy, he immediately said "Scout"!  Oh Scout - of course!  Jude loves his "Woof" named Scout.


This Leapfrog toy is a lifesaver and has brought a ton of smiles to Jude's face.  Scout is so custom, which makes it even better and so worth the $23.00!  Scout spells and sings Jude's name and even lists Jude's favorite food (raspberries), favorite color (Green *we guessed lol), and favorite animal (Dog).  Jude cuddles and plays with Scout on our road trips to the mountains, this little dog helps Jude get through the 2 hour car ride with no trouble!  Oh and lets not forget the songs that Scout sings - oh man those songs make Jude dance around holding Scout in his hands - ADORABLE!

The set up to make Scout "custom" was so easy to do and fast too!  We had Scout up and running within 10 minutes!  Scout was ready to go and play with Jude. Most parents know that the worst part of talking or singing toys is the obnoxious noise and loud songs BUT one of the best things about Scout is that the noise level isn't crazy!  Like I said before, this toy was used in a 2 hour car ride and we were still sane after we arrived to our destination.  

We have bought this toy for a couple friends already and it is one item that I will always keep on my "gift list".  Scout has provided us all with smiles and fun!  

How would you answer the question?



  1. Not for the 18 month age group but the Baby Einstein thing that looks like an iPod with a yellow handle? Every baby needs one. Evie can be mid tantrum and if we turn that thing on it's all smiles and giggles! On the other hand Scout is now going on E's Christmas list!


    Lexie LOVES her little car!

  3. The grandparents got my 9 month old the Scout and he could care less about it. Good to hear there is hope that he will grow into it, because right now it's just collecting dust in the pack and play.

  4. We've had Violet since Anneliese was 4 months old- it was a life saver during diaper changes. She still loves it!

  5. Carina loves violet - but it drives DH crazy! lol

  6. We have tried to force this thing on our 22 month old since he got it for his first birthday, but he's just not interested. :( maybe when he's a bit older...


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