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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Proud Wife and Proud Sister

Today I am both.


My amazing husband is being awarded and honored this evening at a gala for the award of "Caseworker of the Year"!  Tonight we will be getting into our black tie cocktail dress with my parents and Jeremy's parents (yes they came from Arizona to celebrate with us!), drop Jude off at a friends, and head to a Gala.  Should be a very exciting night.  Jeremy works so hard at what he does and he is being honored in front of his coworkers, family, peers, and friends.  We will take a ton of pictures and make sure we enjoy the evening of fun.

On top of Jeremy being awarded my little brother (not so little) is also being awarded tonight.  Unfortunately he is being awarded in Wisconsin so we cannot join him.  He and his girlfriend will also be attending a nice dinner and ceremony as my brother is awarded for being "Employee of the Year" for his agency.  I am such a proud sister today.  I know he works hard at what he does as well and this award is well deserved.  

We hope you are having a fun filled weekend with your family and friends.  I know I will be having fun - time to be a Proud and Excited Wife of the Caseworker of the Year!!

Congratulations to Jeremy and Jarrin!! 


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