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Friday, November 25, 2011

Rumour Has It. Giveaway


 My good friend Kassi is the owner and creator of a great shop named Rumour Has It.  
 Rumour Has It is a shop with baby, toddler and adult size crocheted handmade hats made with love and care.  

Kassi uses her creativity to design great hats for every age.   The embellishments that she adds to the hats make them all one of a kind.  
She created an adorable Turtle Hat just for Jude - it is perfect {would be even more perfect if Jude wanted to wear a hat!}!  :O)  Silly Boy!

Kassi started Rumour Has It after having her adorable son.  Now she is a Stay at Home Mother and loves every minute with her son and her crocheting!  I am so glad that she took this opportunity to be a Stay at Home Mom - with her talent it was EASY to quit her day job!  The quality and love put into each item can be seen when you browse her shop.   

Kassi has graciously given me the hat pictured below to give to one of my LUCKY readers!  This hat is perfect for a little boy in your life.  This Crocheted Mustache Toddler Hat will make you smile and melt your heart.  

Thanks Kassi!  

Source {Rumour Has It. Facebook Page}


  1. I freaking LOVE the Scout hat...but so so so wish she'd make felted bows and headbands....for mom's!

  2. I could not ever pick a favorite here! they are all so cute.. but my niece appears to favor the lil purple one with the owl ;D

  3. No question about : the monkey hat!

  4. That's a pretty cute kid! I think he might live at my house! LOL

    I thought, why in the world is a picture of my son on someone else's blog.....then I saw the hat!



  5. I don't know the name of it but I love the pastel funky yarn with the ear flaps and the little doo-hickey on top with the fun wooden button!!! <3!!!

  6. I love the gray hat with the pink flower and matching booties! So cute!


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