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Friday, November 4, 2011

Y3W: Our {2011} Halloween Recap

Be warned - picture overload!! 

 The weekend before Halloween we had a ton of activities planned. Some with Jude and some just us (DATE NIGHT!!) 

 First on our list of things to do was heading to the Denver Zoo for Boo at the Zoo with family and friends.


We had a lot of fun watching Jude with the other Trick or Treaters. He really didn't understand it but it was a beautiful Fall day in Colorado so we soaked up the fun and the sun. 

 Next on our list was going out for a Date Night to celebrate my friend's birthday. Thankfully my brother and his lovely girlfriend watched Jude for the evening for us! Thank you!! 

 We went to a Mystery Dinner Theater for the birthday celebration. I was so nervous - I am not a big theater person but I am so glad we went. It was a ton of fun and I laughed so much. These actors were so great and made the evening something to remember. The ladies in our group got all dressed up in costumes too. I was a Glittery Peacock! Don't you love my mask? 
 Happy Birthday to Courtney and Thoa!!


 One really funny thing about this evening at the theater was that one of the actors actually found out our names and sung a song about me and Jeremy! ;) It was so much fun. If you are ever in the Denver area look up the Lumber Barron Inn and Gardens. Great Bed and Breakfast and entertainment! 

 Alright well that was Saturday. BUSY!! Sunday was busy too and another fun Halloween event - I am bad and I didn't take any pictures but we attended a 5k event called The Halloween Hustle that benefited the agency I work with (Tennyson Center for Children). We went for a nice walk and had a fun time dancing to an 80's cover band with Jude in his Woof Costume! I am telling ya - that 12 dollar Target Costume really got its wear! Worth 12 dollars for sure!! 

 And now for the 2011 Halloween Pictures!

 Jude really had fun watching us carve Pumpkins! He really liked his little Jack-o-lantern. He gave it kisses and hated to see it be put outside. So cute!! He was so good he even sat in his high chair while we carved our own pumpkins. Halloween night we went to a few houses around our area and he had a good time I think he was finally getting the hang of it by the time we headed inside. He was one cute little Doggie and I am so happy that we choose that costume. 

 I hope everyone had a fun and candy filled Halloween! And now...Thanksgiving is around the corner - OH MY GOSH! 

 Happy Friday!


  1. visiting from a link up-
    Adorable, enough said!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. love your photo collages. your son is super cute!! i love his name!
    thanks for visiting <3


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