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Monday, December 5, 2011

Jude is 17 Months Old! {LATE}

17 months - how is that possible? 

A year ago we were celebrating Jude's 1st Thanksgiving and now we are all the way to the 2nd Thanksgiving and 17 months!  I know everyone always says this but it is soooo true - "It Goes So Fast!"

Some Milestones:
This kid loves to talk!  We do not know what he is saying exactly but he sure is trying to tell us something, all the time!  :O)

New Words:  Fish, Yes, Cheese - I am sure there are more but I cannot think right now!

Actions:  Dancing, he has always been a dancer but recently he gets his hips and arms going when he dances, it is so adorable.  Good for the heart!  :O)  Blowing kisses, he has it down now!  He blows the kisses and lets them go AND even says "MWAH" now too!  Hello adorable!  Running - he doesn't walk around the house, he RUNS!  

We will know his height and weight next month!  YAY!  Check Up and shots.  Oh joy!

Happy 17 Months little Turtle - we love you!



  1. This is such a cute idea! I Should start doing this. When was he born? My daughter is 18 months and always babbling as well!

  2. Really cute pics! Sorry I am late getting back to you. I really appreciate your linking up on our blog hop last Monday, Love U! I checked and found out I am already following on GFC and FB so at least I did do that sometime earlier. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!



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