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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mama Needs Help!

Jude may be entering the "terrible twos" 6 months early - I am not ready for this!!  

Let me explain; Jude is a happy boy, he always has been but for the last couple of weeks (maybe a month) he has started hitting and headbutting like crazy.  

Most of the time he is happy and then something switches, he becomes angry and he shows us by hitting us and headbutting us. 

At first we thought the headbutting was his way of saying "Hi" because our cats "headbutt" him when he plays with them.  But now it has turned into a huge problem.  Now I am not a spanking mother but let me tell you, when he headbutts me and I do not see it coming, it is so hard to be reactive and spank his little bottom or hand.  IT FREAKING HURTS!  

So I am asking you, fellow mothers/fathers/aunts/uncles/grandmas/grandpas - what the heck do we do about this?  

I know this is a phase and I am glad he is only doing it to us but I fear the day that we take him to the zoo or play area and he does it to another kiddo.  
I need tips and advice. 

So far what we have tried is:
-swatting his hand, he slapped my hand back
-ignoring him, he laughs
-picking him up and putting him in a separate area (time out), he gets up

HELP!!  I do not want a "mean" boy on our hands!  He has always been so carefree and easy.  Why this?  


  1. I just read an article that said headbutting (either people the floor or other objects) was a developmental stage. The article was about a mom who was worried her kid was going to hurt himself but it had something to do with the stage of development. Poor guy he doesn't get what he is doing and I know it is hard on y'all. I will say extra special Jude prayers!

  2. Oh hun. I wish I could help. I can assure you it is a phase. I had different problems with H but they do last for only a short while. hugs!

  3. My best friend's little one went through this with biting and slapping. He was having trouble expressing himself. It was rough for about two weeks but they just had to hold him really still for time out until he calmed down and could tell them what was bothering him. I am SURE you do not have a mean kid!!!

  4. Hi!

    I found your blog on the blog hop. I saw this on another blog and maybe it will help your son. Its called a mind jar and helps them calm their daughter down. Hope this helps. You can find me at


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