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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville - Book Review/Giveaway

I am so excited to present all of my readers with this great review and giveaway. I was ecstatic when Micki agreed to work with Building Our Story.      

All of my loyal readers know our "Turtle" story which has now led us to more of a Turtle obsession! haha! Well when I found out that Micki Bare had a published book about a Turtle I had to contact her! 

 The day I received the book, Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville, I sat down and read it! Now this book isn't exactly for Jude's age but it is a great book for bedtime readings. We broke it up into 3 nights of bedtime reading for Jude. He seemed to enjoy it. 

 We have also let him look at the book - he really likes the Turtle pictures (yes he can say Turtle now!!!)

 I would say that this book would be perfect for a 6-8 year old to read to themselves but for any age for reading to! :O) Especially for anyone that loves Turtles or any other Woodland Animal.

The names of the other Woodland Animals had me laughing as I read this, talk about creativity!  Thurston T. Turtle is joined by Mr. Bunnyton (he is a bunny!), Mr. Frogson (a frog!), Betsy Bluejay (a bird!), Debra Duckly (yup you guessed it a duck!) and Mr. Possum.  Just to name a few.  

Thurston is new in the Humble small town of Hubbleville and he sure does cause a party and a little chaos for one reporter - Mr. Possum.  

This book is cute and very entertaining.  I think Jude will grow into this book and I will be recommending this book to other friends and family with children of all ages.  

 Jude really feels like a "big boy" holding his Thurston T. Turtle book!


The "birth" of Thurston:
(taken from the original press release from Roseheart Publishing)

“I {Micki Bare} am especially thrilled about this release because it was a long time coming. I originally wrote the story 21 years ago. Since then, it has gone through several cycles of being submitted, rejected and revised. Finally, when my youngest was nine years old, I had him read it. He brought the manuscript back to me stating, ‘You really need to develop the characters more. They’re all the same.’ That blunt review from my son, now 13, drove the last major revision I did to the manuscript. While I did receive a few more rejections, in 2009 I finally received the offer of a publishing contract from RoseHeart. Not only was it a thrill for me and our entire family,” explains Micki, “but it was especially exciting for my youngest son, who clearly has an eye for a good story.”

Synopsis of the book:
Woodland creatures welcome a newcomer to the town of Hubbleville where a
quirky news reporter seems to always be one step behind the stranger for an interview.

Her book {Micki Bare}, Thurston T. Turtle Moves To Hubbleville, is a charming tale filled with humorous events centered around the efforts of a determined news reporter to be the first to get the scoop on the town’s newest resident. Traveling from the big city of Tucker Town, Mr. Turtle visits Hubbleville to check out a house is uncle left to him. As he goes about his business, he meets many of the friendly townspeople. Mr. Frogson is quite helpful. Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel are kind and giving.
The only person Mr. Turtle does not run into is the fidgety Mr. Possum, who writes and publishes the town’s only newspaper, The Hubbleville Chronicles. Although trying desperately to get the scoop on the visiting stranger for a front-page story, Mr. Possum always finds himself a few steps behind Mr. Turtle. By the time he finally catches up with the stranger, he discovers he is the last person in town to meet Thurston T. Turtle. But all is not lost. There will be plenty to write about because Mr. Turtle decides his new acquaintances would make wonderful neighbors, Hubbleville would be a nice place to work and live, and that he should definitely keep and fix up the old, boarded-up house that once belonged to his uncle.

Micki Bare's Biography:
Micki Bare is self-employed, working fulltime as an early childhood consultant, syndicated columnist, writer and editor. She lives in Asheboro with her husband, three teenaged boys and her mother. 

The future is looking bright for Micki and Thurston!  I am looking forward to the 2012 release of Thurston T. Turtle and the Legend of the Lemonade as well as the 2013 release of Thurston T. Turtle and the Precarious Puppy.  I cannot wait to see what Thurston is up to!

How to contact Micki and Thurston:
Roseheart Publishing Company - website
Micki's Personal Website - Inspired Scribe
Micki on Twitter - @turtleauthor

Micki has graciously offered TWO of my lovely readers a chance to visit Hubbleville!  Thank you Micki!  

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter this giveaway. 

The first mandatory entry for this giveaway is to visit the Amazon link and tell me what you are most excited for if you win this book!  You must complete all mandatory entries in order to win this giveaway. 

***Disclosure:  The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.   
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  1. What a great book especially for a little turtle like Jude. Love it!

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  3. This is super cute! And my little hoot owl will get along great with a turtle.

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  5. I love reading and hope to instill the same value in my son.

  6. This book looks so cute!! Ethan would love this story, he loves all woodland creatures!!!

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  9. What a great book :) Would love to share it with my nieces and nephews!!

  10. The book sounds so cute! We love turtles in our house too, as "Turtle" has been my nickname since birth.
    I love the story of the writer's journey - thank you for sharing it! It's inspiring as I've also received a few rejections for my picture book manuscript, but I keep on trying!

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  12. I am most excited about the fact that the book is about turtles. my son loves turtles.

    Sarah Walker

  13. My kids love turtles and there aren't too many out there about turtles! Also, I love the concept of the book :)


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