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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workin It Wednesday - BUZZ


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday make sure you link up any of your health related posts!

Well, last night was my 3rd weigh in with Weight Watchers - I am not thrilled with my numbers this week but  should I really be surprised?

I gained (I know I feel terrible to even write that!) .6 pounds.  Not a WHOLE pound but still, I GAINED!  Bummer.  Even though I gained I am proud to say that I know exactly why I didn't lose this week.  I didn't track my food intake AT ALL and I had a lot of alcohol over the weekend!  Not a good combo what so ever. 

Okay blog friends time for you to meet the Sing Sing Buzz Bucket!  

Anyone from the Denver area probably knows exactly what the above picture is all about.  This is a Buzz Bucket = a bucket full of long island tea flavored with Raspberry sugar flavor!  Yum!  To be honest, I probably had 2 of these on Saturday!  LOL  I wonder how many points each bucket equals!  

So as I asked before - Should I be surprised for the gain?  Hell no!  

Today I start over.  This weekend will be hard too being that it is Christmas but I know I can do it!  Working hard towards that 10 pound mark!!  

How was your week of working out, eating better or weight loss?


  1. You're a brave woman to attempt dieting over the holidays. I just give up all self control and pray it falls off next year!;)

  2. Yum, I want a Buzz Bucket right now!


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