Building Our Story: December 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Laughs! Link Up!


I am linking up with Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles with my Top 5 Laughs of the last week!
Happy Saturday! 

Wow things have been busy recently. I kind of feel out of the loop on the blogging spectrum! Hoping after the holidays I can get back on track. But for now I want to share with you my Top 5 laughs this morning! :O)

If any of you are readers of Building Our Story you know that Jude has us in laughs daily so sometimes it is hard to pick out the top 5 of my week but I always have something to choose from!

Jude loves Grover on Sesame Street. Especially Super Grover! We ask Jude to be “Grover” and he proceeds to stick his arms out like he is flying and then “crashes”. His crash is him swinging his arms and then rocking his head back and forth and saying BOOM!! LOL Adorable! Cracks me up every time!

Jude had his 18 month pictures last week. He did well but it is hard for him to sit or stand still long enough to get a decent picture of him. So we asked him to sing his spider song for us while the lady took his picture. He sings his spider song with his grandma (Jeremy’s mom) every time we talk to her on Skype. It is adorable. He does the cutest little spider with his fingers and we are lucky enough to have caught that spider in a picture! When we saw this we laughed!

It took Jude 4 days to open all of his Christmas presents. This means a couple of things. He is WAY spoiled and has ADD! He couldn’t focus on more than one gift at a time. I wonder when he will grow out of that?

We went to Christmas Eve candlelight service on Christmas Eve with my family, a family tradition. Now I love our church but I will be the first one to say that it is pretty traditional and old fashion Lutheran. There isn’t clapping or cheering after the message or songs BUT on Christmas Eve there was! Guess who it was? Once guess! ;) Oh Jude we love you and good thing you are adorable. He had our church laughing. After every song ended (and there was a lot of singing in this service) he would clap and yell “YAY!” It was the cutest little “YAY!” every time. At first we said no to him but then after the third time we just laughed and gave him hugs. He is a music baby and a happy baby and I am proud of that! If he felt moved to say “YAY!” more power to him!

We went to the Denver Nuggets (NBA) game a couple nights ago. Jude was a little overwhelmed with the music, lights, people and noise but I think he had fun. During the halftime show the mascot (a mountain lion) did his own rendition of the “Nutcracker”. Well like any mascot he ended up racking himself on a balance beam and falling to the ground – normal right? Funny right? Um not if you are Jude! LOL Now it is okay to laugh at my son because we did. Instead of laughing at the silly mascot Jude CRIED!! He kept saying “UhOh!” and shaking his head and pointing at the mascot crying. Such a sweet boy! But the best part, the next morning he remembered the incident. He cried when we asked if he had fun at the basketball game. Silly Turtle!

Wow so Jude is pretty much THE person that makes us all laugh!

What made you laugh this week?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Curvy Girl Fashion: New clothes!!

Linking up with PDX Momma - come on, I know you got some new clothes to show off in!!  Link up now!!  


Please excuse the mess on our kitchen table!  Yikes - we have some cleaning to do!!


Shopping Guide
Shirt:  Maurices
Jeans: Maurices
Shoes: Target


Necklace that I received from a good friend for Christmas.
Perfect!  A turtle charm and a "J" charm!  
Thank you so much - I adore it!!

Goals for 2012 - New Year!

It is time for everyone to start thinking about the New Year and what they envision for themselves in the upcoming year.  I really try hard to stay away from the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” mostly because I feel like I have ALWAYS failed at those resolutions.  Sad I know!  So for the last couple of years I have made goals for myself and I think the goals work better than the outrageous life changing resolutions!  :O) 

Goals for 2012
1.   This was on my goal list for 2011 and I did pretty well but I want to do better!  READING!  Last year my goal was 11 books – I read 4!  Lol  Okay, not great but still that is 4 more books than I read the year before!  Progress!  So this year my goal if 6 books in 2012.  That is 1 book every 2 months.  I think I can achieve this one!  :O)  I will write a “book review” for every book I read too! 

2.   Everyone has a working out/weight loss goal, especially in the New Year.  I hate be cliché but I also am adding a goal around that issue.  I didn’t last year and look where that got me!  Lol  So my health goal for 2012 is to work out at least 2 times a week.  I am sticking with Weight Watchers for now and I know that with just minor activity it will jump my weight loss too!

3.   Pictures are so important to me and my family.  I want to make a goal to achieve those photos onto data CDs so we do not loose and precious memories.  I usually only do this every couple of years but the thought of losing those makes me sick!  Need to get better at it!

4.   Another goal is a goal for us as a family.  Saving money!!  We need to be better at not going out to eat and spending money just because!!  We need to create a budget and stick to it!!  Budget following and meal planning – goal number 4!!! 

Those are my goals for the year to come!  I hope that we as a family can work on all of them!
I would love to hear what your goals are for 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A Recap of 2011

This is my final “Thankful Thursday” post of 2011!
Wow, time really does fly when you are busy and having fun! 2011 has been full of fun, laughter, love and many things to be thankful for.
Time for a recap and a reminder as to why I should be thankful not only on Thursday’s but every day I wake up!

January 2011:
In January I turned 28 years old. It was a crazy month but so much to be thankful for as I started the year off. My brother was in the middle of his cancer treatments but doing well and was getting through them.

February 2011:
February started out COLD! Jude and I got to spend 3 full days inside together because of how cold it was. I enjoyed every minute of it! :O) We were so thankful for a great tax refund, hello Uncle Sam! For once we got a check in the mail! Jude got his first tooth this month! We were happy but super tired because it was really rough on Jude! Poor little man! My brother had a birthday (23 years old) still going through Chemo but was able to enjoy a birthday celebration! Doctor’s said he was doing great!

March 2011:
Jude turned 9 months in March! So big! He is crawling and on the move! Watch out! This month we celebrated my mom’s birthday! On March 31st my brother had his last Chemo treatment! YAY! He made it!!

April 2011:
Jude turned 10 months in April! He started pulling himself up with the help of couches and tables. On the move! We celebrated Jude’s first Easter too. He was adorable all dressed up! We celebrated Jarrin’s end of Chemo with a night out at Sing Sing. We got great news about the cancer too – NOT active anymore! So much to be thankful for! That night at Sing Sing Jarrin met a very important person too! ;)

May 2011:
Jeremy ended up in the hospital with an Ulcerative Colitis flair again. :( Not fun. It was a fast stay though. It is when Jeremy is gone that I remember how lucky I am to have such a great husband and partner. The 1st birthday party planning was in action! We were busy getting ready for a Turtle birthday! We celebrated my first Mother’s Day by heading to breakfast and the Denver Zoo. What a great memory and tradition for us to start. Jude turned 11 months old in May. We celebrated my dad’s birthday too! We took a trip to Arizona to visit with Jeremy’s parents and ended up being surprised by Jeremy’s sister and her family too! Family reunion! May was busy!

June 2011:
I got my Motherhood tattoo! Love it! We celebrated Jeremy’s first Father’s Day this month. The biggest event was the celebration of Jude turning 1!! Wow! What a day to be thankful for!! Hard to believe that a year ago Jude entered the world! We had a great Turtle party just for him! We also did an Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Walk at the Denver Zoo in June. It was great to have our family and friends there walking with us. The support is great!

July 2011:
Posted on the blog his year photos and stats! Wow! He has grown! Celebrated 4th of July big this year! Headed to the Rapid’s soccer game a on the 3rd and had fun watching the players and then HUGE fireworks! Then on the 4th had a fun evening with the family eating and watching the fireworks. Summer time brings cabin time! We are so thankful for the family cabin that Jeremy has. We have such a good time there with Jude. We know he will have many memories to come!

August 2011:
August is always busy for us! August 3rd was Jeremy’s 30th birthday! We had a big party that weekend for him! Boston Red Sox was the theme!! It was also our anniversary on the 9th – we made it 8 years! Wow! So much to be thankful for!! Jude ended up at Children’s Hospital due to a really bad allergic reaction to Amoxicillin. It was scary but thankfully Children’s Hospital was there for Jude and us! Thankfully he got better really quickly and now we know – NO CILLIN for Jude! LOL Jude is already 14 months old!! Walking too!! He has it down! Go Jude! We had a family wedding in August too! My cousin had a beautiful wedding that we had a great time at. Congrats to them! In August we celebrated Jeremy’s dads birthday too! Busy!!!

September 2011:
 September was just plain crazy but fun! We took a family trip (Jeremy’s parents and sister’s family) to Barcelona Spain!! Jude is an international travel – talk about being thankful! We know how lucky we are. We had an amazing time! Right after we returned to the states I had to fly to New Orleans for business – first time I ever did that! I am so thankful that I do not have to do that all the time! Yikes! It was fun though!

October 2011:
October was the Denver Dinner – the biggest event for my agency. We had our first overnight with out Jude! Jude spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa and did fantastic! It was a great date night for us!! Thanks mom and dad!! Halloween came next! Jude was a WOOF for Halloween and played the part great! We did a lot of fall activities this month and enjoyed our family time. Jude is 16 months! Stop growing!!!

November 2011:
We bought a new car!! Mom car! YAY! We love it! Both Jarrin and Jeremy were awarded this month for their work. Jeremy was honored as the Caseworker of the year for his district and Jarrin was awarded for employee of the year! So proud! And so thankful for great men in our family! Because of Jeremy’s honor his parents came out for the weekend so they could attend the dinner with us. It was fun to have some time with them! Jeremy opened his business “the eccentric mind” on etsy with his paintings and drawings. He also joined a local art gallery so he will be able to hang his art! Fun! In November it was announced that my brother and his girlfriend Kayla (the special person he met that night at Sing Sing) were expecting – TWINS!! Great news for them!

December 2011:
My brother and Kayla found out that they are having 1 boy and 1 girl! Time to buy presents!! Thankful for a healthy pregnancy for Kayla thus far! Christmas was great. Jude is getting the hang of opening presents. We had a blessed time visiting with family and friends. The time off with our little family has been great.
Well here we are. December 2011! Thinking back I know how lucky we are for such a great year even though there were some ups and downs. I am thankful that right now everyone is healthy in our home and family. A great feeling. 2012 has a lot to bring and I cannot wait.

I am so thankful for an amazing, loving, caring husband.
I am so thankful for the perfect, fun, loving, silly little boy.
I am so thankful for supportive parents and parents-in-law.
 I am so thankful for my brother being cancer free and for the news of him and his girlfriend expecting twins. I am so thankful for my 3 nieces (1 on the way) and 1 nephew (on the way)!

Overall I am thankful for the life that we have been blessed with. Bring on 2012!!

What are you thankful for this year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Made it through Christmas and I....


That is just plain crazy.  Now it wasn't a ton of weight, only .8 pound, but I don't care!  I lost weight over Christmas weekend!  YAY!!!

I have been working the Weight Watchers system for a total of 5 weeks - this was my forth time weighing in and I have lost a total of 5.2 pounds.  I am pleased and I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings for me. 


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday make sure you link up any of your health related posts!

Let me know what you are doing this holiday season to  make sure you do not pack on the pounds!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours - we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


 Enjoy your family and friends on this great day!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Curvy Girl Fashion Friday! Link Up!

Two Friday's in a row!!  Linking up with PDX Momma - show off what you got!  I need some ideas people!  :O)

I wore this outfit on Friday night - our shopping date night!  I love this shirt (top) because I can wear it with all colors of Cami's!  Changing it up makes it fun.  



Jeans:  Maurices
Cami:  Maurices
Shirt: Maurices
Necklace: Maurices!

Yeah, have you shopped at Maurices?  lol   ;o)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workin It Wednesday - BUZZ


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday make sure you link up any of your health related posts!

Well, last night was my 3rd weigh in with Weight Watchers - I am not thrilled with my numbers this week but  should I really be surprised?

I gained (I know I feel terrible to even write that!) .6 pounds.  Not a WHOLE pound but still, I GAINED!  Bummer.  Even though I gained I am proud to say that I know exactly why I didn't lose this week.  I didn't track my food intake AT ALL and I had a lot of alcohol over the weekend!  Not a good combo what so ever. 

Okay blog friends time for you to meet the Sing Sing Buzz Bucket!  

Anyone from the Denver area probably knows exactly what the above picture is all about.  This is a Buzz Bucket = a bucket full of long island tea flavored with Raspberry sugar flavor!  Yum!  To be honest, I probably had 2 of these on Saturday!  LOL  I wonder how many points each bucket equals!  

So as I asked before - Should I be surprised for the gain?  Hell no!  

Today I start over.  This weekend will be hard too being that it is Christmas but I know I can do it!  Working hard towards that 10 pound mark!!  

How was your week of working out, eating better or weight loss?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Choo Choo!!

Jude's new favorite thing is the Choo Choo - he loves reading about trains, he loves watching trains and he loves playing with trains. 

 We decided to head to the Colorado Railroad Museum last weekend to partake in the Christmas train ride and to just check out all of the trains. Thankfully Saturday was a pretty warm Colorado December day so we were all comfortable and had a ton of fun!


Daddy and Jude checking out the BIG Choo Choo! 
 Jude was just amazed at how many trains were all around him!


The train we got to ride on.


Our little family on a Choo Choo!


Kisses from my boy!


Jude the conductor!


Look how tall Jude is.


I think Jude had a great time exploring the Train Museum. I know we will go and visit again in the summer because they bring in a "real" Thomas the Train (full size!!)!! Oh goodness!!

 Funny story: 
As I was getting into bed the other night I heard on the baby monitor from a SLEEPING Jude - "CHOO CHOO!" I want to think that we gave him some lasting memories and dreams of Choo Choo's! :O) Adorable! This kid melts my heart!

Monday, December 19, 2011

January 2012 Sponsors! That time already?

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Curvy Girl Fashion Friday: Link Up

Friday again!  And on this Friday I actually have a picture to link up with PDX Momma with!

 Time to share what I wore on Wednesday this week - the only day that I was able to get a picture taken! Make sure you link up with PDX Momma too! She has a great look and she is totally inspiring me to be a better dressed Mama!



 Purple Shirt - Old Navy 
Black Sweater - Target
 Jeans - Maurices 
Necklace - Maurices 
Shoes - Target

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville - Book Review/Giveaway

I am so excited to present all of my readers with this great review and giveaway. I was ecstatic when Micki agreed to work with Building Our Story.      

All of my loyal readers know our "Turtle" story which has now led us to more of a Turtle obsession! haha! Well when I found out that Micki Bare had a published book about a Turtle I had to contact her! 

 The day I received the book, Thurston T. Turtle Moves to Hubbleville, I sat down and read it! Now this book isn't exactly for Jude's age but it is a great book for bedtime readings. We broke it up into 3 nights of bedtime reading for Jude. He seemed to enjoy it. 

 We have also let him look at the book - he really likes the Turtle pictures (yes he can say Turtle now!!!)

 I would say that this book would be perfect for a 6-8 year old to read to themselves but for any age for reading to! :O) Especially for anyone that loves Turtles or any other Woodland Animal.

The names of the other Woodland Animals had me laughing as I read this, talk about creativity!  Thurston T. Turtle is joined by Mr. Bunnyton (he is a bunny!), Mr. Frogson (a frog!), Betsy Bluejay (a bird!), Debra Duckly (yup you guessed it a duck!) and Mr. Possum.  Just to name a few.  

Thurston is new in the Humble small town of Hubbleville and he sure does cause a party and a little chaos for one reporter - Mr. Possum.  

This book is cute and very entertaining.  I think Jude will grow into this book and I will be recommending this book to other friends and family with children of all ages.  

 Jude really feels like a "big boy" holding his Thurston T. Turtle book!


The "birth" of Thurston:
(taken from the original press release from Roseheart Publishing)

“I {Micki Bare} am especially thrilled about this release because it was a long time coming. I originally wrote the story 21 years ago. Since then, it has gone through several cycles of being submitted, rejected and revised. Finally, when my youngest was nine years old, I had him read it. He brought the manuscript back to me stating, ‘You really need to develop the characters more. They’re all the same.’ That blunt review from my son, now 13, drove the last major revision I did to the manuscript. While I did receive a few more rejections, in 2009 I finally received the offer of a publishing contract from RoseHeart. Not only was it a thrill for me and our entire family,” explains Micki, “but it was especially exciting for my youngest son, who clearly has an eye for a good story.”

Synopsis of the book:
Woodland creatures welcome a newcomer to the town of Hubbleville where a
quirky news reporter seems to always be one step behind the stranger for an interview.

Her book {Micki Bare}, Thurston T. Turtle Moves To Hubbleville, is a charming tale filled with humorous events centered around the efforts of a determined news reporter to be the first to get the scoop on the town’s newest resident. Traveling from the big city of Tucker Town, Mr. Turtle visits Hubbleville to check out a house is uncle left to him. As he goes about his business, he meets many of the friendly townspeople. Mr. Frogson is quite helpful. Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel are kind and giving.
The only person Mr. Turtle does not run into is the fidgety Mr. Possum, who writes and publishes the town’s only newspaper, The Hubbleville Chronicles. Although trying desperately to get the scoop on the visiting stranger for a front-page story, Mr. Possum always finds himself a few steps behind Mr. Turtle. By the time he finally catches up with the stranger, he discovers he is the last person in town to meet Thurston T. Turtle. But all is not lost. There will be plenty to write about because Mr. Turtle decides his new acquaintances would make wonderful neighbors, Hubbleville would be a nice place to work and live, and that he should definitely keep and fix up the old, boarded-up house that once belonged to his uncle.

Micki Bare's Biography:
Micki Bare is self-employed, working fulltime as an early childhood consultant, syndicated columnist, writer and editor. She lives in Asheboro with her husband, three teenaged boys and her mother. 

The future is looking bright for Micki and Thurston!  I am looking forward to the 2012 release of Thurston T. Turtle and the Legend of the Lemonade as well as the 2013 release of Thurston T. Turtle and the Precarious Puppy.  I cannot wait to see what Thurston is up to!

How to contact Micki and Thurston:
Roseheart Publishing Company - website
Micki's Personal Website - Inspired Scribe
Micki on Twitter - @turtleauthor

Micki has graciously offered TWO of my lovely readers a chance to visit Hubbleville!  Thank you Micki!  

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter this giveaway. 

The first mandatory entry for this giveaway is to visit the Amazon link and tell me what you are most excited for if you win this book!  You must complete all mandatory entries in order to win this giveaway. 

***Disclosure:  The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.   

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Santa I can explain

Yes - Jude has a lot to explain to Santa! 
 He better start now!


 Good thing he is cute.

Workin' It Wednesday: Weigh In Week #2


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday and I am very excited for this post!

 Last night was my second weigh in with Weight Watchers and I am so happy! This program is working for me. 

 I lost 1.8 pounds last week - now that isn't a huge number but the best part is that I reached a 5 pound mark, which means I walked away from my meeting last night with a shinny gold 5 pound star sticker! Those 5 pounds are gone, those 5 pounds are bringing me that much closer to a huge goal! Photobucket
Last week I did have some struggles.  The weekends are really hard - especially with all of the fun holiday/Christmas activities that we have been partaking in.  BUT I still lost 1.8 pounds.  See that is a program that works.  

This weekend I know I will have the same obstacles because we have a full weekend of activities and fun!  Including a trip to a local dueling piano bar with these fantastic drinks that come in buckets!  Yeah buckets - called Buzz Buckets.  Anyone want to guess how many points those will cost me?  LOL!!!  All of my weekly 49 points will go towards that bucket and I am going to enjoy every bit of it!  ;o)  

Working out still hasn't happened.  I really do want to be better at that and I cannot wait for the spring time so I can start walking on my lunch breaks because working out in the evenings is just plain hard!!  

Well today starts a new week.  I hope y'all have a healthy week!  

And do not forget to link up with Workin' It Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Warning! Picture overload!! Christmas season is in full swing, our house is decorated and we are taking advantage of every type of winter/Christmas event we can find!! Jeremy and I both love this time of the year! Here is a taste of what we have been doing so far! 

 One old family tradition that Jeremy would like to continue with Jude is going to the city lighting the day after Thanksgiving. It was a big deal for Jeremy growing up and his whole family would go and see the lights be turned on. So we decided that this year we would head down to the street lighting and have some fun with Jude.

Jude got a fun light up toy to play with while we waited for Santa to come turn on the lights!
Daddy and Jude, all bundled up! Burrr!!
Mommy and her boy. Waiting for the pretty lights! Photobucket 
Our little family!
Santa is coming!!!
Santa turned on the lights! Magic!!
Love this picture!

 Next up we headed to our city's Winterfest! This is a fun little fair for family activities. Jude had a great time running around the little Elf Village!
Checking our the house.
Jude size house!
Jude loved this snowman!!
Little man
Jude and Daddy checking our the ice sculptures.
Jude and mommy on the ice chair - we had cold booties! lol 

 Okay, next up ZOO LIGHTS!! I warned you - PICTURE OVERLOAD!! Photobucket 
It was cold out! lol Christmas Story anyone? lol So funny! But he stayed warm! Photobucket 
Ready to go! He would not keep his gloves on! Silly boy! Photobucket
Daddy and Jude getting warm with the giraffes!
Jude did not want to leave the giraffes, he thought it was so fun to see them eating!


 Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the winter/Christmas activities!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mama Needs Help!

Jude may be entering the "terrible twos" 6 months early - I am not ready for this!!  

Let me explain; Jude is a happy boy, he always has been but for the last couple of weeks (maybe a month) he has started hitting and headbutting like crazy.  

Most of the time he is happy and then something switches, he becomes angry and he shows us by hitting us and headbutting us. 

At first we thought the headbutting was his way of saying "Hi" because our cats "headbutt" him when he plays with them.  But now it has turned into a huge problem.  Now I am not a spanking mother but let me tell you, when he headbutts me and I do not see it coming, it is so hard to be reactive and spank his little bottom or hand.  IT FREAKING HURTS!  

So I am asking you, fellow mothers/fathers/aunts/uncles/grandmas/grandpas - what the heck do we do about this?  

I know this is a phase and I am glad he is only doing it to us but I fear the day that we take him to the zoo or play area and he does it to another kiddo.  
I need tips and advice. 

So far what we have tried is:
-swatting his hand, he slapped my hand back
-ignoring him, he laughs
-picking him up and putting him in a separate area (time out), he gets up

HELP!!  I do not want a "mean" boy on our hands!  He has always been so carefree and easy.  Why this?  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calendar Fun!

Now that Advent is here we have been using my "old" Advent calendar. This wreath was made by my mom for me when I was Jude's age! It is so much fun to use this Advent Calendar with Jude too! Very special.


He loves waking up every morning and walking out into the hallway and putting up his special ornament!  He remembers every morning to do it!  Adorable!


I cannot tell you how this makes my heart melt every morning.  I know that my mom loves hearing our Advent Calendar stories too. 


"Look Daddy!" 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post: ABT on Digital Cameras

Every day digital cameras and professional cameras for picture taking moms!

“Everyone get together, I want to take a picture!”  Something I have heard numerous times, and will hear even more, this holiday season from my mom.  Moms love to take pictures.  This holiday season, why not get something for your mom that she will be able to use all year round?  Any interested moms can find more info on digital cameras here, but the following are the top five cameras on the market suited for all those photo-taking, memory-loving moms.

Panasonic 14.1 Megapixel DMCFH2 is an excellent, affordable entry-level digital camera.  It is very slim, which allows moms to just pop it into their purse or pocket when they aren’t using it.  It also features a quick load time for those spur-of-the-moment photos as well as an HD video option. 

The Canon PowerShot 12.1 Megapixel ELPH 310 This camera comes in various colors and is extremely easy-to-use.  One of the great features on this unit is called “Best Image Selection”.  Best Image Selection is an easy way to get great results almost every time you take a picture. When you press the shutter release, the camera will rapidly shoot a series of five images, then assess the images for any unwanted facial movements and camera shake.
Sony Cyber-Shot HX9V is the best pick for those that want to take great pictures as well as incredible movies.  It Records crystal clear movies at the highest resolution available with capabilities in 1080p Full HD. This provides stunning, fast motion video with less distortion for playback on your Blu-ray Disc players, Sony PlayStation 3 systems and compatible PCs and HDTVs.
Olympus 12.3 Megapixel EPL3 camera is excellent for image stabilization.  Sometimes, a mom can get tired chasing the little ones around to get a great picture.  The Olympus does the work for you. Olympus’ in-body image stabilization technology makes it possible to use any Micro Four Thirds lenses (or Four Thirds lens), from wide-angle to telephoto, for perfectly clear, crisp photos no matter what the shooting situation.
If you’re looking for professional cameras, the Nikon D5100 16.2 Megapixel DSLR has everything a mom could need in a smaller, lighter DSLR design.  It offers plenty of image customization, post-image editing, full HD movie recording as well as a 3 inch swing-out LCD monitor.  Your mom will be taking photos like a professional in no time. 
This holiday season, smile for those pictures and be ready for all kinds of new memories with family and friends!

Thank you to Anthony for writing this just for Building Our Story.  We all know how moms (ME) are with the camera during this time of year!  lol 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featured this Morning too!

Wow!  Today is a great day in the Blog world for Building Our Story. 
We have 2 current giveaways running, I lost over 3 pounds on Weight Watchers AND now I am featured on Life According To Damaris!  **Jumps with joy!**

Please jump for joy over to Damaris’ blog and see my name in print and link up and start visiting some great blogs.  I promise you will not be disappointed! 
Happy Wednesday and happy blogging! 

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