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Monday, January 2, 2012

18 Month Post

Christmas Day 2011 marked Jude's 18 months!

Jude had a great "half" birthday because it was Christmas Day!  Lucky boy - gets gifts every 6 months!  Well played mister Jude!  :O)  

We also we went to his 18 month doctor appointment on the 26th of December so we have official stats this month!  Ready?!

Height:  35.5 inches = 99% (or off the charts!)
Weight: 27 pounds 10 ounces = 66%

So to recap - he has gained 2 pounds and grown 3.5 inches in 6 months!  Goodness!  What a big boy!!


Everyday he shows us some new trick!  LOL  
He is eating pretty much whatever we eat now.  And is even using a big boy plate and fork!!  It is so cute to see him using those utensils so well.  
Sleeping GREAT!  Naps are usually 1-2 hours (one a day) and he is sleeping from 8pm until 6am on work days!  No waking up!!  YAY!!  Love that!  Also he is going to bed awake.  We lay him down and by about 8:15pm he is out for the night.  Thank you TURTLE!!  


We love you little boy!  Thank you for always giving us kisses and hugs and thank you for being the best little Turtle we could ask for!  


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