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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let the birthday party planning begin

Jude's 2nd birthday is less than 5 months away!  *tears*  Which means we have a party to plan.  

Now I was always one of those women (before having a kid) that thought it was plan STUPID to throw a big party for young kids and even babies but now that I am a mother you can call me a hypocrite!  The bottom line is that I want to get everyone together and hang out and have a great time.  Jude has a lot of little friends that I love seeing him play with and I like getting together with family and friends that we do not normally see.  So to justify my craziness I tell myself that yes it is for a birthday party for a baby BUT it is also just a BBQ with the people we love!  

Every party I throw has to have a theme!  This year is probably the last year that we will get to choose the theme for Jude so we are going with Trains!  

In the last couple of months I have started a Pinterest board of all things Train Birthday!  
I do not have much but here it is! 


I think I will use the colors Yellow, Blue and Red.  

Our "tagline" will be:
Choo Choo Jude is Two! 

What do you think?  Have any ideas to add?  

The countdown is on!!


  1. It's adorable and a great idea. I do feel very behind now. I haven't even thought of Rex's 3rd birthday yet except we will reveal the sex of the new baby. Maybe that can be my theme. Thanks for encouraging me to start thinking;)

  2. What a great idea Censie and adorable theme!

  3. Awesome theme!! My son's 3rd bithday party is this weekend and we're having a train theme also. We also went with the blue, red, yellow, and (we added) green. I called it, "Sammy's Jammies Junction." I wanted to have a brunch, so we asked everyone to come in jammies. We also asked folks to donate PJs and a book to the Pajama Program in lieu of a gift because he got so many things for Christmas and we just don't have room for anymore.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see your photos of the party :)

  4. I just found a pair of oshkosh striped overalls that look JUST like train conductor pants! If you want to borrow them for his party, let me know. They are 24 mo.


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