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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workin' It Wednesday: After the Holidays

The holidays are over!  My waistline screams - YAY!!!!!!!!

Okay for what is worth I only gained .6 pounds during the last 2 weeks of holiday cookies, candy and feasts!  I call that an achievement! 

Last night I weighed in and unfortunately I gained .8 pounds.  That is the .8 pounds that I lost last week.  Not too bad but still sucks to gain!  BLAH!

It was soooo freakin busy at Weight Watchers last night.  People are joining in hopes of reaching their New Years Resolutions.  I was proud of myself last night that I had already been workin the program for almost 6 weeks.  I hope that me joining before the dreaded "resolution time" is actually a sign that I will commit this time.  I will be successful because it wasn't some resolution it was something I wanted before the 1st of the year! 

So for this week my goal is to TRACK!  Track everything that I stuff in my mouth.  I have been slacking on this for the last 2 weeks so I really want to focus on using the online and phone tracker.  I hope this will keep me more on track and have a bigger loss! 

Hope you are all having a healthy week! 

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Congrats on your not gaining 20 pounds during the holidays... I sure did. I actually joined WW today, hopefully I'll be successful too! The tracker told me that my "healthy weight" is 60-80 pounds lighter than I am... eek!


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