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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workin It Wednesday: Back on the Plan


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday make sure you link up any of your health related posts! 

Last night I weighed in at my meeting and I was actually pleased with the ZERO pounds that I lost. 

 Okay, pleased but not thrilled.  I was hoping for at least a little bit off the scale but I am also thankful that my vacation and birthday week wasn't too horrific on my weight loss journey. 

I missed my meeting last week because it was my birthday, I know that is an excuse, especially when for my birthday dinner we went to an Italian buffet!  lol  Yeah bad choice!  But soooo good!!  

Well that ZERO pounds lost keeps me at 8 pounds down on Weight Watchers.  Next week marks my 2 months on the program - I am making a goal for myself to tracking everything this week and hoping to reach 10 pounds!!  Help me out blog friends!  Keep me motivated and give me tips!! 

Today starts another week.  Hoping you all have a happy and healthy week as well!


  1. For being a birthday and vacation week, zero is good! Much better than a gain! Did you get the email I sent you with the links to those WW blogs?

  2. Do you know skinny taste? Losts of great recipes with points plus values listed! Keep up the great work Censie!!!

  3. Awesome job on the zero weight gain during your birthday! I just started the WW program and have my first weigh in on Sunday. Fingers crossed I see that number fall some :) I agree, Skinny Taste has been an awesome resource for me.


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