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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

20 Months Old!

On February 25th Jude turned 20 months old! 

 How is that even possible?


 Jude is such a boy. He has learned how to climb all over the furniture and loves "falling" off of it. He just laughs! 
 He has so many words now but even more "action words" for things. Loves Chuck Cheese! lol "Chuck Cheese!!" 
He loves his "Pa" (my dad) 
Has learned what the TV is - oh no!!
 Still wearing size 4 diapers. Wearing 2T shirts but 18 - 24 month pants. 
 Getting really good at throwing fits! So much fun! 
Loves pizza, chicken, raspberries, smoothies, and COOKIES!!!


 We don't have his weight or height - looking forward to him getting measured at his 2 year appointment.


Also, Jude has learned to love giving Raspberries to everyone - this one is just for our readers!

 I promise that once Jude turns 2 I will stop with the "Months" thing! Promise! ;)


  1. My husband HATES that people talk about their babies ages by month after they are a year old, which I find hilarious. I have totally kept up with it because it makes such a difference at this young age! I think I'll be on board, like you, until Evan is 2 and then I'll give it up.
    Oh, and your little one is so cute! Love the raspberries =)

  2. He looks like a kid not a baby! Oh my he is so big. I remember him when he was a little baby at his baptism. Now a kid! For goodness sakes! Precious though I love him!

  3. I called my grandfather "Pa" too! That makes me so happy to see someone use it too!

    And Im with you on the whole months until 2!

  4. What a little CUTIE.

    And, oh... that DARN TV... The Super Why & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme songs NEVER get out of my head!

  5. Keep doing the months! I love it. He is so wicked cute. This age is my favorite. So cute with pa too. Love him:)


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