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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I can only think of one thing right now that has made me laugh – not that I haven’t laughed more than once this week but this particular thing is just too funny to forget! 
Happy Saturday by the way!  :O)
Jude has been introduced to Chuck E. Cheese – or as Jude calls it “Chuck Cheese”!  So funny! 
Well now Jude is OBSESSED with Chuck Cheese.  Seriously.  He is only 20 months (today) but goodness he sure knows what he wants and likes! 
He even has a Chuck Cheese dance.  He dances in a circle, spinning around and saying Chuck Cheese, Chuck Cheese, Chuck Cheese YAY!!  LOL  It is so funny and cute but now it is getting a little crazy.  I am pretty sure we could wake up every morning and head to Chuck E. Cheese and he would be one happy little boy – EVERYDAY! 
He walks into my parents’ house and they ask him what he wants to do today – Chuck Cheese!
He wakes up from his nap and looks at us with those baby blues and says – Chuck Cheese!
He sees his Chuck E. Cheese cup and says - CHUCK CHEESE!
I foresee a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party in his future…

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  1. How cute!! I love that he is fascinated:) I actually never went to one-gasp:)

  2. I remember my kids LOVING Chuck E Cheese too! We haven't been in forever!

  3. Aww, so cute! I can't wait until Olivia is old enough to enjoy places like Chuck E Cheese!

  4. We are very familiar with Chuck E cheese:) Love your blog and I love the name Jude!

  5. LOL I can't wait to take James!


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