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Monday, February 27, 2012

Okay - I guess I AM ready!

Apparently, I am ready to have another baby.
 Yeah, I know, weird way to start this lovely Monday morning! This blog is about honesty and our life so time to open up with you all. 

 Last month we officially began TTC – my officially I mean I started charting and using OPKs. So in my mind I thought we had it timed perfectly, we didn’t though – which is fine but wow it hurt. I recently had been worrying that we would hurt Jude’s feelings for getting pregnant, okay laugh away! LOL But after getting that dreaded “aunt flow” last month I feel in my heart that yes I am ready and prepared to be pregnant again! I know Jude will be a great Big Brother some day and I hope it will be soon. It will be an adjustment for everyone but I know having siblings is so important too! 

 A good friend of mine just let me know she is expecting baby number two now and that was hard to hear. I am so happy for her but she was lucky, first time trying again! And BOOM! Some couples are so fertile! I am hoping I can join her next month!! 

 I remember the monthly letdowns before Jude – it was a rough 9 months. I am just praying that it doesn’t take that long for this time around. I have to say I have NOT missed these monthly games! LOL 

 TTC is supposed to be fun for a marriage and you would never expect it to be so hard. Whenever we get into the TTC mode I think about all of the money we spent on birth control! Was that worth it? Seriously! 

Now for some disclosures and clarifications. Yes – we are TTC and I am excited! But NO we will not announce a Positive Pregnancy test at 6 weeks pregnant! Sorry folks. 

 So as this journey moves along I will update you as much as I can. I promise! ;)



  1. Thanks for sharing, these things often have a way of working themselves out. I look forward to hearing updates!

  2. Oh Censie- I hope you can join her too! I am very excited for both of you. Nothing but great wishes my friends! When it is meant to happen, it will:)

  3. Word on the "Baby Wanted" Front! Baby Dust to you!

  4. Hang in there. It will happen soon for you.

  5. Good luck with everything and DARN I want to know!!!! =)

  6. Good luck, mama! God knows the perfect time for Baby #2, and hopefully it is super soon! :) <3

  7. So exciting!! I hope it happens nice and quickly for you!

  8. Aww, I'm wishing you ALL of the luck! :) I'm SO ready for baby #2, too! One of these days I'll make the commitment to it! ;)


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