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Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs


Welcome to Saturday's Top 5 Laughs!

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5.  Our family has been sick all week.  Lovely!  Well Jeremy’s seems to really start sneezing like crazy when he starts to get sick.  The other night he sneezed about 15 times and each time Jude was just cracking up.  The good deep toddler laughs!  The best laughs to hear! 
4.  Jude got a fun toy for Christmas.  It is a push ATV.  He loves it.  It isn’t one of those electric ones by the way.  Anyways – we now know that we will have many future visits to the ER.  Jude has learned how to do tricks on his ATV.  He stands up on it with his hands in the air and says “YAY”!  Oh lord!  What have we got ourselves into?
3.  Jeremy got a new tattoo – his Turtle tattoo (more to come on that soon)!  I promise!  So when he got home he had his leg all wrapped up.  Jude looked at it and said “Ouch!”  He still says it, even when it isn’t wrapped up!  What a smart little boy!
2.  As you saw from a previous post – IT SNOWED – a lot!  And so now we have a TON of snow all over the sides of the streets.  We hit a pile of snow driving home from Church on Sunday and Jude LOVED IT!  So of course Jeremy had to keep doing it.  Remember those good deep toddler laughs.  Yeah we got those plus the real adult tears cuz you are laughing so hard laughs from everyone else in the car!  ;)  Every time we hit a pile of snow and the car bumped a little Jude was laughing!  He loved it!  Okay again, what have we got ourselves into?  Lol  Might as well set us up with a long term payment plan at the ER people!! 
1.  On Sunday’s it is our tradition to head to Starbucks for coffee after church with my mom.  My mom always gets an Iced Chai Tea.  Yum!  Well, Jude loves drinking from straws so when we saw my moms straw he pointed and said please.  My mom (grandma) caved and Jude tried Chai Tea.  Well he LOVED it.  Started this kiddo early I tell ya!  He was really upset when it was gone.  Really Chai Tea?  It is yummy but kind of spicy for a little one.  Watch out Grandma he is going to drink all of your Starbucks!! 

What are your laughs of the week?


  1. I LOVE the deep toddler laughs- I don't get them too much anymore! You need a video of Jude pushing his ATV- it must be an adorable site. The snow and Jude cracks me up! Jude has great taste- the chai latte is my favorite too! Jude is so smart with saying ooch- tattoos hurt- I love turtle though!! Thanks for writing your laughs. I love reading them so much! Come link it up:) Have a great weekend Censie!!

  2. Oh I love reading this. Thanks for sharing! (Hmmm do I sound like spam comment??!!) Last week we got sick as well bad cold, now my son number 2 got loose motion. This week has lots to laugh about :)


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