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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Media Overload!

Everyone has been talking about GFC (Google Friend Connect) leaving the blog-sphere soon which means we have to keep you, all of our fantastic readers, updated on our blog happenings once GFC leaves! 

 We have a ton of options - choose your favorite or do them all! ;o) 

 We love our followers, linkers, likers, friends and emailers!

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As always, thank you for all your support!  Looking forward to connecting with you all in all of the ways possible!  

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  1. I am a follower on all of them except pininteret which I have yet to join, lol:)

  2. I follow you on ALL of them. :) Well, except Pinterest because I hardly use it... but if I ever do.. lol :)

  3. I follow you on all, I think. I might need to find you on pinterest yet. :)

    Isn't it getting crazy, all of the social media outlets.


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