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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesdays on the WW Blog Hop

This blog hop is all about Weight Watchers. 
Let's help each other on this journey by linking up recipes, successes, tips, photos and WW stories! Rules: Well the rules are easy. Just link! Link your blog posts that are all about Weight Watchers. Easy as pie! There are other ways to follow blogs such as Google+, Networked Blogs, facebook and various other options. I want everyone to link up! Grab the "Wednesday on the WW" button and put it in your blog post! I cannot wait to read all of your stories!!

Well it wasn't a great week for me but I cannot complain.  I did not gain weight but I didn't lose either!  Exactly the same.  Which keeps me at 11.2 pounds lost. 

I am not real happy with my success though.  I need to be more focused and on top of the plan. 
Last week I said I was going to work out but I didn't, I also said I would track but I didn't!  
I am changing that. 

Last night I came home from WW and I changed into my workout gear and rode the bike for 20 minutes!  Success!  I hope to do that every night that Jeremy goes to the gym too.  

Jeremy and I have a goal that we each want to reach before we go on vacation - 9 pounds lost by March 7th!  I want to do it because I know he will reach it!  

In 12 weeks I have lost 11.2 pounds. 

What have you lost?
What tips, recipes, workouts, and stories do you have for us this week?  

Link up and share!!


  1. Great job on the weight loss! That's great progress!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I do WW and post a lot of recipes with WW points plus values!! :)

  3. Congrats with it all, Censie... I know that NOT seeing the scale go down can be frustrating, but HEY -- it's didn't go up either! Keep up the hard work! :)

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss. I posted a recipe on potato soup. You can alter the ingredients to suit your likes. I have other posts on my blog on shopping cheap. trim your waist and your budget :)


  5. You are doing awesome my friend! Congrats on the weight loss! Each week has its ups and downs but you are on a great path!!


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