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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workin' It Wednesday: SO CLOSE!!


 Linking up again with The Family Szem for Workin' It Wednesday make sure you link up any of your health related posts! 

Last night I went to my weigh in and I walked in hoping that I would lose at least 1 pound and I did but what I was really praying for was hitting my 10 pound mark and I missed it - by .2 pounds!!!!!  How is that fair?!?!?  lol  The scale is laughing at me!  

So this week my number was 1.8 lost - so happy for that loss!  But so frustrated with that .2 that I needed to hit that 10 pound mark!  

So far on Weight Watchers I have lost 9.8 pounds - that is all through the holiday season of eating and drinking and a birthday too!  Now I really want to hit it hard and start loosing big!  

Anyone else on Weight Watchers?  

If I get a good response I am going to start a Wednesday Weight Watchers Blog Hop so we can all link up and help each other with goals, stories and recipes.  



  1. Way to go! I bet you've already lost 10lbs! especially if you weigh in the afternoon! You can do it! I know I've gained a little since last week -- we've been celebrating the three Jan birthdays and eating lots. Back on the wagon today!

  2. Good job! I'm hoping to hit my ten pound mark before Torin's first birthday on the 19th. I weigh in tomorrow so I'm not sure how far I am, but last week my total weight loss was 6 pounds! I would love for you to do a WW blog hop! I would even consider changing my weigh in day to Wed instead of Thurs. =)

  3. Awesome job!! Just think, now you have something to look forward to at your weigh in this week! I made an awesome taco chicken chili recipe the other night, The chili topped with 2 tbsp FF sour cream and 1/4 cup reduced fat cheese was 8 points and very filling! A WW blog hop sounds good to me :)

  4. Darn that .2 lb! I'm going to say it was water weight. I mean clearly you had a full bladder when you weighed, right? Hehe. Regardless, that is EXCELLENT progress so far, especially with holidays and celebrations thrown in. Super proud of you, mama!


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