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Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post - Mama Luvs Books

Writing a guest post for Building Our Story is very exciting for me.

I wanted to take this time to share with you one of my favorite book reviews that I think you may find helpful to you in your life. I am a mom blogger who writes book reviews, product reviews, fun family posts, and I host many giveaways on my site. I hope you visit me sometime soon at Mama Luvs Books

Until then, please enjoy this book review I wrote and see if it's a book you may want to read as well. 

 I have been having an awful time dealing with my 4-year old son and his eating habits. He has been increasingly getting worse too! He seems to always ask for sweets, and when I offer him a healthier food instead he just doesn’t eat. I feel like this kid is either starving or eating junk. I have been feeling extreme guilt from this as well. Everyone wants to be the best parents they can be, and when your child is continually asking for food that is not healthy, it makes you feel like a failure as a parent. 


I just finished reading “The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution” by, Elizabeth Pantley. It is seriously one of the best informational parenting books I’ve read in a long time. 
A big THANK YOU to Elizabeth Pantley for making me feel better and to give me strategies to deal with picky eaters. It was nice to hear that I am not alone, and that my child and I are both “normal.” There are many other parents out there that are dealing with my same issues, feel my same guilt, and it was nice to learn that a lot of it could be a natural instinct for my son to gravitate towards these sweeter foods (although apparently it didn’t help that I craved sweets and indulged while pregnant with him). 

Here are my favorite things about “The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution”: 

 1. The book gives you some background at why kids can be picky eaters. 

 2. The book helps you to understand if your child is a typical picky eater or something more serious. 

 3. The book gives you facts about eating and about foods with listed solutions. 

 4. The book describes the “fundamental four” when dealing with picky eaters: Attitude, Environment, Amounts, and Rules. 

 5. The “Rules” section is great! It lists the rule, if you should break it or keep it, and tips about the rule.

 6. The book has tricks and tips to get picky eaters to eat! Here’s the one I am trying this week (as my son is addicted to PB&J): “Begin by replacing one slice of bread with whole wheat, keeping the other slice white. Place the sandwich on the plate with the white bread on top. Over time, experiment with replacing both pieces of white bread with whole wheat bread.” Pantley then goes on to explain replacing the peanut butter and jelly portions with healthier alternatives. Such a great idea and a slow transition that will be easier for the kids. 

 7. There is a list of healthier alternatives for food that is not-so-healthy. Pantley says not to use words like fat and junk food. She says it’s best to state things positively to kids about food, such as “Once you are finished with your healthy meal you may have a dessert” instead of “No junk food until you eat that healthy food.”

 8. LOVE “The Experts’ Favorites” section at the back of the book! t has wonderful recipes for kid-friendly healthy meals. Yes, there are even yummy desserts!!! 

 This book is my new GO-TO parenting book! I will be keeping it in the kitchen to refer back to! I will also be setting a good example to my kids by eating healthy and having all of us sit down together at the table for meals. It’s a hard thing to do with our hectic schedule, but Pantley emphasizes how helpful this is for healthy eating. We will try our best! Kids learn from parents! 

 Written by, Kristin Wheeler - Blogger at Mama Luvs Books and aMomKnowBest.


  1. Great review. I have read the book and loved it! It really helped us out:)

  2. I need to check this out! Olivia is so picky about her veggies!

  3. Great review! Fortunately my eating machine is just that -- he eats EVERYTHING. But I'll definitely keep this in mind for future little ones! :)

  4. I need to look into that book. My kids are terrible eaters. Soooo picky!


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