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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Magic Warble Book REVIEW


All of my long time readers know that I have been trying desperately to read more. It is a hard goal but I think I am finally taking more time for myself and making books important again! I love it! So when Victoria Simcox contacted me to read and review her book titled “The Magic Warble” I immediately said yes! What an honor for the author to contact me! Thanks Victoria.

Time for my review of “The Magic Warble”, this book is for children aged 9-13, but I found it to be an enjoyable read myself. I have always enjoyed “young adult fiction” books so this fit right in. I do have to say the fantasy section has NEVER been my cup of tea but I was surprised at how I really started to identify with the main character of the story. She is portrayed as an awkward girl who really doesn’t fit in with any of her peers. Funny – isn’t that most of us?!!?!

Kristina, the girl who just doesn’t fit in finds herself magically transported to a land of dwarves, fairies, and talking animals (so fun to read about!). This land is not perfect though, she soon discovers she is the “the chosen one” that must bring peace to the land by returning the Magic Warble to the its resting place. Kristina has to go through some great obstacles to make this happen. The journey she goes through is so well written, Victoria really makes a picture for all readers to create in their head.

This book will teach all ages how important it is to be YOU and that you are full of strength even if you do not fit in with that “in crowd”. This is a must read – do you think Kristina did it? Did she return the Magic Warble to its resting place by defeating that evil queen??

Like I said this book would be great for the pre-teen level but it was also a creative and captivating book for myself – a 29 year old! :O)

About the author:
Victoria Simcox was originally born in Canada, but now lives in Washington with her husband and their three children. Her daughter Kristina was the inspiration for the main character in her book series. Besides being a published author, Victoria home-schooled her children for twelve years and taught art in elementary school for eleven years. In her spare time, Victoria manages her oldest two children’s Celtic band and enjoys reading, painting watercolors, hiking, and good movies.

Victoria Simcox, THANK YOU for sharing her book with me!

For more information on Victoria’s writing, be sure to check out The Magic Warble Website or Victoria’s blog. You can also keep up with her latest news on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. What a great review! I think everyone would love this book!


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