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Friday, May 11, 2012

Are you Mom Enough?

We have all seen the TIME magazine cover by now…right?

What are your thoughts?

Here are mine:

To each their own – do what works for your family. But make sure it is for your BEST of your family, not just you.

TIME – shame on you! That title is AWFUL!! “Are you Mom Enough?” What is that saying to mothers who do not choose to breastfeed their 4 year old or breastfeed at all?

The mother in that photo looks awkward, pissed and holier than thou in my opinion. That picture is doing NOTHING for the support and legitimacy of AP.

Mostly – I am upset that yet again us mothers feel like we are in a war with one another. These Mommy Wars are sad and upsetting. We all parent differently, let’s not make other mothers feel like less of a mother because of the way they are feeding or bringing up their child.


Link up your "MOM ENOUGH" photos here with The Turnip Farmer!

Are you MOM ENOUGH??



  1. Very well said, and totally agree!

  2. VERY WELL SAID!!! And just like the ladies above, I couldn't agree more. Just stumbled upon your blog via TopBabyBlogs and love it! I'm your newest follower:)

  3. Hey am in northwest province so how can I oder for the product nd I have a problem with my email ?


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