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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Half Baked YO!


How far along?
20 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain/loss:
 Down 1 pound still.  I have my appetite back though so I am sure that will change soon!  ;o)

Feeling pretty good right now.  I am grateful that my doctors are letting me visit them every week just so I feel better about this little lady growing in my tummy. 

Maternity clothes?
Oh yes!  Went shopping at Motherhood Maternity last weekend and stocked up.  I love my new shirts and capri’s!  Makes me feel so much better feeling stylish!  

Pretty good except for the horrible heartburn that wakes me up.  It sucks.  The chocolate milk helps but sometimes it gets so bad that I end up having to throw up.  YUCK!

Food cravings:
 CHOCOLATE MILK! Again!! Funny!  This is the only thing that helps my horrible HEARTBURN!!  I drink it all the time.

Some – I get little nudges every once in a while.  I hope I start feeling her more and more!!

What I miss?
Being able to eat pizza and not end up with heartburn from HELL!!  Lol  

Best moment this week:
Rockies Game with Jude, Jeremy and our friends Lauren and Jared.  So much fun!  Jude loved cheering on the Rockies!! 

What I'm looking forward to:
  Our June 15th appointment to get more answers from the high risk doctor. 

Next Appointment:
Going every week – I have an appointment this morning.  Then one on June 12th and then the big one on June 15th.   

Half Baked!!  So happy that we made it this far.  Huge Milestone!! 



  1. I'm so glad she is half baked, i can't wait to meet her!!!

  2. Aw!! You look so good! So excited for you!

  3. Chocolate milk sounds so yummy right now! Think I will head to the fridge! Glad things are going well. Keep me updated after the 15th appointment. We have our follow up on the 12th so we will have same day doctor visits again!


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