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Monday, June 4, 2012

It's a....



Yes - I am well aware that this is a REALLY late post but here you go!!

We found out on May 21st that we are having a baby girl. I knew it - Jeremy was wrong! ;o)

At this ultrasound we were only 18 weeks along so the tech could only say 99% girl but we didn't see anything that would make us believe a penis was growing either! lol So we are sticking with GIRL!!

At this ultrasound they found that I have a large area of old blood, about 1 inch x 5 inches of hematoma. They believe that when I had the "big" bleed on April 30th that my placenta tried to pull away (picture a postage stamp). Thankfully my body stopped and so far my baby girl is doing well! I go to a High Risk doctor on June 15th for a full work up and exam.

We have a fighter and a challenge ahead of us!! A spitfire sort of little lady - perfect in my eyes!!


Such a cute little foot!! Oh and Jude now says "Baby sihser"! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!


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