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Friday, July 6, 2012

24 weeks (late) V-Day Milestone!


How far along?
In picture 24 weeks – V-DAY!!

Weight gain/loss:
 Honestly I haven’t been on the scale.  I am sure I am up about 5 pounds now.   

Heartburn is killing me.  I take my meds religiously but it still happens.  Ouch!  Other than that I am just HOT – it has been so freaking hot here in Colorado (not normal) so it makes it a little uncomfortable. 
Maternity clothes?
Yup – EVERYTHING!  Well except my 15 dollar 2x swimsuit that sort of works for my belly but WAY cheaper than those maternity suits!  Lol  

Just fine but I miss sleeping on my tummy.

Food cravings:
 Chocolate Milk.

Yes!  Finally more movement.  Nothing from the outside yet, Jeremy really wants to feel her.  I found out that I have an anterior placenta so movement might be less than I remember with Jude.  Bummer. 

What I miss?
Being hungry for something.  I can never think of anything to eat for dinner.  I don’t know why.

Best moment this week:
Hitting a big milestone.  24 weeks is considered the viability date in pregnancy.  Although it would be a hard struggle if baby girl came this early her chances are very high of survival on the outside.  Just nice to know!  YAY for 24 weeks!

What I'm looking forward to:
The weekend!
Next Appointment:
July 24th – regular OB appointment.  Not having to go every week anymore!  YAY!!



Also - in case you wanted to compare, here is my 24 week picture from when I was pregnant with Jude! 



  1. You are carrying so much higher :) Looking great

  2. I agree with Tracy- you are high! You look so good!!! YOu look great carrying a girl, but equally great carrying Jude!

  3. You look AWESOME Mama!!! I am so excited for you!!!


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