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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Girl Nursery Update

Isn't funny how the 2nd pregnancy goes a lot faster and you really do not start preparing nearly as early as you did with your first?!?  LOL  I guess it is true - the 2nd child gets the shaft!! 

Fear not little lady - we do have plans and some of them have started!!  So don't you worry!!  We really are preparing for you. 

Just so you all can remember here is Jude's room which will be transformed into Jude and baby girl's room - yes we will be having them room share for a couple years.  Pray for us for a good sleeper!!  ;o)

As you can see from the link above we decided to go very neutral when planning Jude's room because we knew that we would want to have our 2nd baby in that room as well.  So we went with Classic Winnie the Pooh - neutral, soft colors.  We love it and so does Jude.  So hopefully baby girl does as well!  ;o)  You may have gathered that we are not painting or anything.  It will stay as is...with some added girl touches for her!

Here are the new additions to the room. 

This is the crib we bought - it isn't built yet but it is on our to do list of course!  It is the same deep espresso color that Jude's furniture is.  Matches great! 

This is her dresser.  Again a great deep espresso color that will match everything.  We decided to save room that we would put this in the closet and keep the other dressers and wardrobe out in the room.  I never hang my son's clothes, we fold everything, so it will really give us great use of the closet!  This is already done too!  In the closet and ready for some girl clothes!!!  YAY!!  One thing completed! 

And the most recent purchase (today) her crib bedding set!  Like I said we did Classic Winnie the Pooh in the room and I was shocked when I found another "girly" set of Classic Winnie the Pooh!  The best part - it isn't just PINK - there is a great raspberry color that I love.  You will hear this often - I am not a fan of PINK!  Yes some outfits are cute in pink but just cuz she is a girl doesn't mean she will ONLY wear pink!! 

This will make her little crib corner her own. 

So that's the update so far.  We have a lot to do still but I count this as progress! 

More pictures to come!! 


  1. How cute! I love how the room is coming along! I am so excited for you!!

  2. YAY!! She's going to LOVE that room!!!

  3. I think it will be adorable! Are you guys considering transitions Jude to a big boy bed soon?

    1. LOL no way - he is stayin in that "cage" for as long as possible!! Seriously though, he isn't ready yet. He loves his crib and with the new baby we already know that the sleep in our home is going to be screwed up so we do not want to make it even worse on Jude - especially since the baby and him will be room sharing.


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