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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our little traveler

Most of your kiddos are probably in love with CARS too.  Well Jude has finally hit that stage.  He loves McQueen or "Queen" as he calls him.  Last year for his birthday he got a McQueen suitcase from his grandma and grandpa and he was finally old enough on our recent visit to Arizona to use it.  

I honestly thought we would be carrying it the whole time but I was surprised when this is was the view we had through Denver International Airport!


Ahhh!!  So freaking cute!  He and his McQueen suitcase packed full of toys made our day!  He is getting so big - too fast!  lol  

Oh and since this big boy is now 2 we had to buy his first plane ticket - he loved having his own seat on the plane.  He did great on both flights.  He is a great little traveler!  


  1. Aww sounds like he was excited to fly!

  2. How cute!! I love his suitcase and him doing it all himself!


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