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Monday, July 9, 2012

We went for the 3d...

Most of you have probably noticed that we in fact having another baby – Due October 20th.

We are so excited and have announced that it is a GIRL! YAY!! Well we never really got that “Money Shot” or the 100% girl announcement from the ultrasounds I had with my OB so we HAD to do our own investigating!

We decided to pay the extra money and have an elective 3d ultrasound that is in no way connected to my OB office. I was nervous that yet again we would be told that “it is 99% a girl!” But we left happy and convinced!

The coveted MONEY SHOT!!!!!!! YAY!! Hello Baby Girl 100%! Lol

One of the many 3d shots. I must admit these ultrasound pictures freak me out a little bit. I always said I would never pay for one of these appointments because I felt like you were seeing too much BUT I had to get the gender confirmation. I am glad we went but I wouldn’t do it again – just my opinion! Lol

These pictures were taken at 23 weeks and 4 days.

So there we have it – GIRL!!!!!!!!


  1. That is awesome! When we did the 3D with Zane, it looked exactly like him!

  2. So cool! When I was preggers they never had them that detailed. Congrats on your little girlie!!!

  3. OOoooooOOO an October girl!!! I am an october girl, you'll have your hands full!! horay for Libra/Scorpios lol :)


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