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Monday, August 13, 2012

30 weeks in the books...

How far along? 30 Weeks

Weight gain/loss? +10 - eh, its just a number right?!?

Maternity clothes? Yup! I caved and bought 2 new dresses, I was getting sick of jean capris every day!

Stretchies? Nothing new.

Sleep? I am always tired. Still having a lot of problems going to sleep and staying asleep.

Best moment this week? Hitting 30 weeks! 10 ish weeks to go. Also our 9 year anniversary!

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Jude breaking his finger. :(

 Movement? Yes, increasing every week. It is a great feeling. Except, unlike Jude, I am feeling her SOOO low - kicking what feels like my butt! I hate that part!! All the other movement is great though!! lol

Food cravings? Chocolate Milk still. Ice Cream. And anything with peanut butter!!

 Gender? GIRL!

Labor signs? Some Braxton Hicks when I am walking too much!

Belly button in or out? in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss? Not be tired all the freakin time! And being able to carry Jude!

What I am looking forward to? It's only Monday BUT the weekend!! We have a busy but fun weekend planned!

Weekly wisdom? Remember to take time every day to rest. Milestones? 10 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!

August 24th – Growth U/S and last visit with the high risk doctor (32 weeks)
September 18th – 36 week appointment


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