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Monday, August 20, 2012

31 weeks - going way too fast!!

Us at the Colorado Rockies Game - Meeting Dinger!
31 weeks!

How far along?
31 Weeks

Weight gain/loss?
+10 – I think, I haven’t gotten on the scale in a while! Lol Ooops!

Maternity clothes?
 Oh yes, and sometimes my clothes feel tight.

Nothing new.

EH…getting used to not really getting a good nights sleep. I can nap though!! ;)

Best moment this week?
Going to the Rockies Game with Jeremy and Jude 2 times this weekend! Oh and building a new crib…more on that later this week!

Having to go to my SIL’s Grandfather’s funeral…so sad!!

Yup – she doesn’t really have a specific time of crazy movement either – just very random. But I feel it so that’s all that matters!

Food cravings?
Ice Cream! I bought caramel drumsticks to eat every night! Yum!!


Labor signs?
Some Braxton Hicks when I am walking too much!

Belly button in or out?
in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss?
Being able to play with Jude. Wishing I wasn’t so sleepy all the time!

What I am looking forward to?
My spa day on Saturday!! Cannot wait to get pampered!

Weekly wisdom?
Drink water! I always feel better during the day if I drink water!!

Building the Crib – the nursery transformation is happening!!

August 24th – Growth U/S and last visit with the high risk doctor (32 weeks)
September 18th – 36 week appointment


  1. Glad to hear it is going well.
    Keep us posted.

    Uncle Dave

  2. You are SO cute!!! It's flying by!!!

  3. I agree with the drink water thing. I am a victim of it almost every day! I drink a cup of coffee, dieurese like crazy and then get so dehydrated! DRINK WATER! You look so happy with your boys, have fun!


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