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Monday, August 27, 2012

32 weeks - Prayers and Picture

How far along?
32 Weeks

Weight gain/loss?
+11 the exact same as what I was at with Jude at 32 weeks!  Weird!!

Maternity clothes?

Nothing new.

Waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.  It sucks!

Best moment this week?
My spa day on Saturday!  5 hours of me time!  Massage, Facial, Pedi and a Mani!  Loved it!  Thank you hubby!

Our 32 week appointment and Ultrasound.  I know, that sounds weird but we left the appointment very confused and CONCERNED!  So I ask for prayers or happy vibes - what ever works for you.  This appointment was with the high risk doctor again, just another check to make sure all was okay after the crazy bleeding at 15 weeks.  So the baby looked great EXCEPT for two things.  Baby girl measured just fine - organs and such.  But then we found out that she was breech - something not to be terribly worried about at 32 weeks but still something that could really affect delivery.  So pray for a FLIP!!  ;)  Next and the scariest issue is that the doc said her abdomen is measuring small.   We were in shock - all he said was come back in 4 weeks.  Okay, so not too scary?!?!  I don't know.  I am freaked out.  I have a message into my doc and I hope to hear from her today.  What does this mean for her?  And why are we waiting for 4 weeks to come back in?!?!  

Yup – she doesn’t really have a specific time of crazy movement either – just very random. But I feel it so that’s all that matters!

Food cravings?


Labor signs?
Some Braxton Hicks when I am walking too much!

Belly button in or out?
in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss?
The EASY "normal" pregnancy that I had with Jude.  I am really feeling defeated.  It seems like it is one thing after another with this pregnancy.  I hate feeling this way.  

What I am looking forward to?
Hearing from my doctor.  Just want some guidance!

Weekly wisdom?
Ask more questions - even if you are in shock just ask anything that is running through your mind!

32 weeks - just getting closer and closer!!  

September 18th – 36 week appointment
September 25th - follow up growth u/s with high risk doc


  1. I hope that when you go back baby will have flipped and her abdomen will be measuring normal size! :) You are looking great!

  2. Flip Flip Flip! I think if they are making you come back in 4 weeks and not sooner, it is probably nothing to worry about! But I can see why you would be nervous!

  3. Prayers your way! My sister-in-law was hoping for a flip this past week -- that fancy doctor lingo for a manual one. Unfortunately, it didn't work. But I'll put all my hope out there for you! You look great, Censie! :)

  4. Praying!!! Please let me know what the doctors say! I'm sure it's fine but I would get worried too!!!


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