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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baptism Day for Carter and Annabelle

My niece and nephew were baptized last weekend at our family church.  It was a great service and the babies did really well...well until we wanted a picture!  LOL  When we were taking pictures Carter was going nuts - he was one hungry boy!

(My brother Jarrin, Annabelle, Avery, Carter and Kayla)

These little ones turn 5 months on Saturday - seriously, that went fast!! 

It was a great family day of celebration for the twins. 

And the necessary picture of Jude:

My Aunt Beckie got him to fall asleep!  Well done!!!  :O)  She needs to come to church with us every Sunday!! 


  1. How sweet! Moments/milestones like this are so special -- it's great that you've got a family to share them with! :) Hope you're doing well, momma!

  2. That is so sweet. What a special day!


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