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Friday, August 10, 2012

First Broken Bone

Well, we knew it would happen someday – not necessarily at 2 years old but sure enough, we have our FIRST BROKEN BONE!!! 
NO!!!  :o( 

On Wednesday evening Jude got his right hand smashed/caught in the hinge side of the door at a local Wendy’s.  Queue screaming, crying, tears, constant cuddles, ice cream and The Children’s Hospital. 

Once I figured out what had happened my mom ran into Wendy’s to get ice.  That didn’t help.  He was still screaming.  It was hard to see his fingers because he kept “hiding” them from us.  We decided that ice cream might settle him down enough so that we could assess how bad it really was.  The ice cream helped for 5 seconds.  His middle finger was turning purple, thankfully no blood!  We decided a trip to the ER was a good idea.

He screamed the WHOLE way to The Children’s Hospital North Campus Denver.  Then something happened – we walked into the hospital and boom crying stopped!!  That is how amazing this hospital is!!  This is our second visit to this hospital – we came here about 1 year ago (good timing Jude) for an amoxicillin reaction.  Seriously, amazing!  We love Children’s. 

They got us in right away.  As we were waiting in the room I thought for sure it wasn’t broken because he was playing and reading books – no crying!  They did a couple xrays – he did amazing so he got to pick a toy out of the toy box, he chose a Fin car from the CARS movie.  The doctor came in and sure enough – Broken Finger!!  Poor Turtle!!  But seriously, what kind of pain tolerance does this kid have?!?! 

(middle finger at the tip is broken)

They tried a splint wrap first – he pulled that off and twisted his finger, this was the ONLY time he cried at the hospital.  Next they did a “Buddy Wrap” with the middle finger (broken one) and the ring finger, and he kept it on!  YAY!  So now we will be “Buddy Wrapping” his fingers for 3 weeks.  They didn’t have to set it or anything, this was more of a “smash fracture” so it will heal quickly!  Thank goodness.

(Jude flashing his broken finger to us.  Such a Trooper!)

Jude is doing great – just giving him Ibuprofen for pain and inflammation and he is his normal self with a BIG band aide!  He is pretty proud!  

We have decided that if we can keep our Children’s Hospital visits down to 1 time per year with MINOR injuries, we will all survive this Wild Turtle!! 

As I said in our first post about Children's Hospital:
"The Children’s Hospital was amazing. Jeremy and I are monthly donators to the hospital and they always send us information thanking us for what we do and that we are so lucky as Colorado residents to have The Children’s Hospital in our “backyard” because you never know when you will need them.

Yeah – NO SHIT! Excuse my French! LOL The measly 15 dollars month means a hell of a lot more to me now. So thank you Children’s!! We love you and hold you close in our hearts now."

Thank you Children's Hospital North Campus Denver - your work is amazing!


  1. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Poor Jude :( But it sounds like he did so great with it! You could be in for a crazy 16 more years! :)) LOL!

  2. Oh no- poor Jude!!! He is a rockstar for handling it though! Hugs mama!

  3. OH!! That made me cringe just reading about it. Poor kiddo!!! So glad you have an amazing hospital and that he's on the mend.


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