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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maternity Picture Ideas

Yup it is that time - time to think about what we are going to do for our maternity photos.  I am honored and excited to be working with Nicole from It's Time Studios here in Denver Colorado.  She is just starting her dream of a photography business so I am thrilled to be helping her.  

We will be getting out photos done the end of September - I am hoping for a nice fall like evening, we will see if Mother Nature cooperates with us.  I want to do family maternity pictures to make sure that Jude is apart of the memory.  So yes, lets hope he cooperates too!  ;o)  

Here is what I have decided to dress us in:

Jean shorts and this blue polo for Jude.
Polo: Old Navy


Blue Maternity dress from Old Navy for me. 


Navy blue and white polo from Old Navy and jeans.  

So pretty simple and BLUE!  We all have blue eyes so it is a good choice. 

Now for some ideas for poses:

I love this one!

How adorable!

I really would like to use chalkboards - love the idea.  

We need to find a way to announce the name too. 

Here is Jude's announcement - any ideas?!?!


  1. Those clothes look great! And I like the shot of the little one on daddy's shoulders and kissing mommy!! =)

  2. We did the shoulder one. I was suppose to get my photos last week but haven't yet. I plan on posting them on my blog as soon as I get them (my photographer's daughter was in the hospital for awhile so she had a hard time getting everything edited and out to me). She's doing much better so I'm hoping to get them by this weekend. Hopefully some of my pictures will give you ideas.


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