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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mommy thought she was a Hero!

Well I thought I was a HERO on Saturday but it ended up being a MOM FAIL in the end.  Don't worry, I am laughing when I am writing this so it turned out okay. 

I walked into Wal-mart on Saturday to kill some time before my Spa Day and I saw something that Jude has said he NEEDED and WANTED since Christmas.  I looked at it and immediately picked it up.  I HAD to buy it and I just knew he would be sooooo excited!!  HERO FOR THE DAY!!  

So what was thing special item - you ask?!?!  

Why its a DREAM LITE!  

So, I walk in the house and show him - he is so happy!  He cannot wait to use it at night.  YAY!  Mommy wins.  

Well then comes bedtime, he is still excited, we turn out the lights and turn on his Puppy, close his door and BOOM!!  TEARS - SCARED TEARS!!  WTF?!!?  lol 

We turned off the Dream Lite and he went right to sleep.  Oh MY GOSH!!  

I have an update - Jude is asleep right now, with the Dream Lite on.  MOM wins again!!  

This kid - I love him so damn much!  


  1. Kids are something aren't they? Lexie has the lady bug night lights (can't think of the name of it) and every once in a while is she wakes up during the night we'll here "where'd moon go?"

  2. Sounds more like a Nightmare Lite!!! Poor boy!!!


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