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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Being Pregnant...again

Here I am in my 30th week of my second pregnancy and I started thinking:
What is different this time around?
How have I changed since my pregnancy with Jude?
What am I feeling?
What am I doing?
10 weeks isn’t that far away.  And if baby girl is anything like her brother she will be here in 8 weeks – not 10!  Crap! 
So what is different this time?  I am not a nut ball, really I don’t think I was even THAT bad with Jude but I was a lot more worried about my food intake and exercise and over just taking it easy.  Well that is a big difference, taking it easy just doesn’t happen in our home – Jude is crazy!! 
What am I feeling?  I am feeling a lot more uncomfortable than I remember at this point with Jude.  But mostly I am feeling not as connected to this baby for some reason – maybe because of the rough start we had?  Maybe because I feel like I am going to make Jude feel bad?  Maybe because I am just too damn tired to wait up to feel those baby kicks??  I don’t know.   I have heard this from other 2nd time moms so it doesn’t make me feel like the MOST TERRIBLE MOTHER ON EARTH!!  Lol  Okay, maybe a little.
Jude’s nursery was done by this time – the amount of stuff we have to accomplish in 8 weeks/10 weeks is sort of laughable.  It might happen…it probably won’t though.  Surprisingly, I am holding it together and not freaking out just yet…give me a couple weeks. 
We do have a name picked though!  That is earlier than with Jude – point for us!!!  Still debating if we should share THE name just yet though….
As this pregnancy comes to a close I am also thinking – is this the last time I will feel a baby inside me?  Will we decide our family is complete?  I am not sure.  It is an uneasy feeling and for the time being – at least 3-4 years we are done, done with having a prego belly.  A part of me is fine with that – we have a boy and girl, what most people LONG for.  And to be quite honest, this pregnancy was hard, and scary in the beginning, not something I would wish on anyone.  If I knew that my next pregnancy could be just like with Jude – I would jump on it! 
Being pregnant is fun, being pregnant is hard, and being pregnant is beautiful.  And as of today, I love being pregnant.  We are so blessed.
I cannot wait to meet baby girl and bring her into our home and our life.   Seriously, 10 weeks cannot come soon enough, even if the nursery isn’t done…who cares!


  1. I feel much of what you're feeling. I've been slack with this little one's pregnancy journal, I don't blog nearly enough about this pregnancy, I'm not enjoying this pregnancy as much...and I think I was more organized and on top of things!

  2. Oh hun- I felt the same thing with Zane. I even felt the same kinda of not as excited feeling when we was born, Now, I love that kid more than I could ever imagine. Don't worry at all! i can't wait till you meet her either!!!


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