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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yes, that's right!  We made some progress on the nursery this weekend.  Since we finally got the Playroom all organized and have ALL of the toys in that room only we decided we really had to start focusing on the room that this little baby girl will be moving into!!  Yeah - 9 weeks until the due date!  CRAP!!  Time to get moving. 

First a little glimpse into the Playroom:
We love Ikea!!  Great storage!! 

You can see the floor now...wonder how long that will last??

Organized!  YAY!!  Ready for Jude and baby girl to play!

The Playroom is one of the 2 rooms in the basement - we have 2 rooms upstairs too.  Like I said before, I am so not ready for Jude to be downstairs so Jude and the baby will be sharing a room.  Which is why we had to get all of the toys and books into the Playroom. 

So the upstairs room (nursery) will be just for sleeping and changing!  It is a little cramped in there with 2 cribs and 2 dressers but we are going to make it work. 

Time for progress pictures!

Jude helping Daddy build his sister's bed.  Oh such a big boy!

Makes it easier if I sit on it Daddy!  ;)

He was telling me that this is his sister's bed!  lol  So serious!!

Jude approved!!!

For now - Baby Girl's corner. 

I promise to show more pictures once the other side of the room is clean!  :O) 

I am so proud of our progress! 

Less than 9 weeks people!!!!!!!!!  YIKES!!


  1. So exciting. I love the transformation. I am so excited for you!

  2. Your house is so neat and organized!! Love the new crib!

  3. I think it will stay organized until you let Jude in there to play ;) Just a guess!


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