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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Jude NEEDS to buy his baby sister...

Since we started "moving" baby girl into Jude's room he is really starting to understand what is happening.  I have always expected him to not want to share his toys and mommy and daddy but I have been really surprised at his growing list of items that "Jude needs to get sister"!  It is adorable and all of the items really make sense - he is a smart kiddo!! 

A Hamper:  
yes a clothes hamper!  We started putting baby girl's clothes into his hamper to wash and he FREAKED OUT!!  Tantrum on the floor, real tears, and taking the clothes out of HIS hamper.  I had no idea that a hamper would make that much of a difference.  So we added this to his list.  

Jude sleeps with a receiving blanket every night - he let us know that he will NOT be sharing his blankies with the baby.  Point taken son!  This one makes total sense to me.  Those are his blankies!  ;o) 

Piggy Bank:
We feed Jude's piggy all the time.  He really wants to buy his baby sister her own Piggy Bank because he is not sharing his "moneys"!  He has told us that she would like a blue one.

Winnie the Pooh is the theme in their room.  Jude sleeps with a Winnie the Pooh stuffy and has decided that his sister will sleep with a Piglet stuffy.  We found this one at Babies R Us and he decided it would work for her.  ;o)  

I wonder what he will add to his list this weekend?  


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