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Friday, August 17, 2012

Y3W: Our Guilty Pleasure

Yes, that is a Fondue Pot full of the best cheese on earth!!  Get in my belly!!!

As you may have read, Jeremy and I hit our 9 year Wedding Anniversary on the 9th.  We sort of have a tradition for our Anniversary dinner and that is FONDUE!  We have been going to our local Melting Pot for years and we will continue!  So good! 

The only complaint I have from last night...this baby squishing my tummy so that I got full WAY TOO quickly!  ;o)  Move over baby, make room for Fondue!!  lol

Yummy food, great company and a night out!! 

Happy 9 years Jeremy!! 

PS - we are seriously thinking of a big trip for our 10 year...any suggestions?? World Wide too!!  

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