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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

33 Weeks and an Update


No picture this weekend...lazy I guess!  I promise next weekend!  

I cannot believe we are already saying 33 weeks!  Just doesn't seem possible.  Less than 7 weeks!  CRAP!!    I am excited, nervous and very anxious.  Normal feelings I am sure.  

Now for an update on the request for prayers.  

I emailed my OB and got some relief and good news.  After she reviewed the measurements of the baby from the high risk doctor she assured me that all is well.  The measurements are on track but she said it looks like baby girl will be SLENDER!  lol  Really?  Who would have thought I could create something skinny?!?! Good for her!  I am jealous of her already!  ;o)  

After hearing that news I was really happy and just relieved that my OB wasn't concerned.  She also wasn't concerned about the baby being Breech still.  More good news.  But still...pray for a flip people!!  

Overall I am feeling good.  I am really SICK of the 90 degree heat here and totally ready for Fall weather.  I am sure even if I wasn't pregnant I would be saying that too but being pregnant makes it worse!!  By the way, Summer 2012 is the HOTTEST summer on record in Denver Colorado!!  Woohoo...we planned that well!!  lol  

I am nesting but have no time to do it!  I am planning to take a day off from work soon just to nest!  The lists are building in my head and I have to get them done.  

Well that's it for now.  Thanks for your support and prayers!!  

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  1. Censie- all the good prayers and wishes to you! So happy the baby is looking great. xoxo


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